10 Quick Fixes to Make Your Bedroom More Romantic

I am not really all that great at the whole interior design thing. My house is more decorated and functional for having three (soon to be four) children roaming and living in the house. I don’t want to have to worry about them spilling water on the couches or breaking something I saved forever to be able to afford, nor do I want them to worry about always having to be careful. It’s their house too, after all.

Once place that rule doesn’t hold true is the master bedroom (most of the time). When my youngest daughter transitioned from our bedroom into a room with her sister, we declared that room, our master bedroom, a kid stuff-free zone. It generally stayed that way for the past year, and as we transition the room to be more friendly for a newborn, which will join us in just over a month, I can easily say that it was exactly what I needed — a romantic escape.

While we are forgoing that romantic space for a couple of years in light of a newborn coming into our life, I have hopes that once he’s older, we can bring back the romantic oasis of our bedroom. It’s amazing how a few quick fixes can take your bedroom from just another room into the house to being a true force in keeping the calm and romance alive in your relationship.

If you’re looking to make your bedroom more romantic for you and your partner, here are 10 quick fixes and places to focus on if you’re wanting to put the spark back into the bedroom.

  • 10 Quick Fixes to Make Your Bedroom More Romantic 1 of 11

    Put the spark back in your bedroom and your relationship.

  • Get Rid of Clutter 2 of 11

    Nothing is more unromantic than tripping over dishes, laundry baskets, and all sorts of things on the floor. Get rid of all the things that aren't necessary, and make it a clutter-free zone.

  • Remove All Kid Toys 3 of 11

    May seem like it's a "duh," but it was something I didn't realize for a long time — that kid toys are mood killers! Remove all your children's toys and stuff, and make sure they know not to leave anything in there as well. Nothing worse than cuddling and getting a Lego lodged in your back.

  • Update Your Bedding 4 of 11

    Think romantic color and softness! Change up your pillow cases and sheets, and get yourself a sexy duvet. Making the bed each morning can also make the whole room feel more calming and thus, romantic.

  • Keep It Open 5 of 11

    You'll want to have a lot of open space, because who wants it to look cluttered with just a bed and a few other pieces of furniture? Choose furniture that will comfortably sit in your room based on size, and don't over-crowd it with too much.

  • Light Candles 6 of 11

    I have one scent for my bedroom, and it's a scent both my partner and I find calming and romantic -- vanilla. Pick a scent that works for both of you, get some candles, and safely light them often!

  • It’s All About Lighting 7 of 11

    Do full bright lights ever make anyone feel sexy and romantic? I'm going to guess "no," so make sure you've got some dim light choices with lamps or fancy light fixtures.

  • Change Your Paint Color 8 of 11

    You'll want to look for colors that are calming (think spa colors) and can give you comfort with little chaos. My bedroom is a gorgeous deep purple color, and it's my favorite in the whole house. It's amazing what a new coat of paint can do for the whole room's mood.

  • Get a Great Headboard 9 of 11

    The bed is usually the focus of the room, and having a bold, eye-catching, but sexy headboard can make all the difference in the room as a whole.

  • Decorate with Care 10 of 11

    Artwork and decorations can really set the mood in your room. My advice is to keep all photos and art of the children out, and instead bring in memories of your life together -- as a couple. My husband and I have cheesy memorabilia from when we were newly in love as high school teenagers. Those types of trinkets can really personalize the romance in your space.

  • Remove Electronics 11 of 11

    I know it's hard (since we've not done it), but not only are they said to be bad for our sleep, electronics are not all that romantic. Romance doesn't strike from scrolling on your iPhone or bulk watching reality TV on Netflix in your bedroom. Keep those for other areas of the house. All you need in your room is a music source, and you're set.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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