10 Important Quotes to Inspire Self-Love

Loving yourself, or to be “self-first” as I call it, is the first step toward having a loving and healthy romantic relationship. That’s because if you don’t love yourself, you don’t know your worth. If you don’t realize you are worthy of amazing things, of love and respect, you fall for anything and accept anyone that enters your life. This lack of self-love and awareness is the catalyst to negative relationship patterns. You will learn the same lessons, suffering heartache after heartache, until you love yourself and choose better.

And you can only choose better if you feel you deserve better.

Take a moment to feel worthy. Look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I am not selfish; I am self-first.” This is my favorite thing to say. Perhaps because it is my brand’s motto. Regardless, the message is clear.

We have to love ourselves, know who we are, and what we desire and need in love and life, or we will settle for anything.

To help you along the way, here are 10 amazing quotes to remind you why you should love yourself a little more.

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    10 Quotes on Why You Should Love Yourself

    It's so important to have a healthy dose of self-love and confidence! Here are 10 great quotes to keep you inspired and remind you why it's essential to love yourself. 

  • Everything Falls Into Place 2 of 11
    Lucille Ball Quote

    When I decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue my career and be closer to my then boyfriend, I never thought I'd flourish as a single woman. But I do. And I did. Because I love myself. And I can do anything. 


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  • You Love Other People 3 of 11
    Love Other People Quote

    The more that I began to love myself, the more I saw the beauty in others. I can love my friends and family so much more now that I feel whole, now that I feel lovable. 


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  • You Live for Now 4 of 11
    Live for Now Quote

    I want to live my life for now and without regrets. But I didn't always do so. When I didn't love myself or realize my worth, I didn't live for the present. I lived for the past and the "what ifs." I am so happy that I love myself enough now to live my life for me every day.  


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    Protect You

    No one else can protect your being, your soul or your spirit but you. You can't do so if you don't love yourself.


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  • To Be the Best Version of You 6 of 11
    Best You

    What Kimora Lee Simmons speaks of is what I call being "self-first." You know your wants, desires, needs, and you love yourself enough that you deserve it all. When you're self-first, you love yourself and you follow your intuition. You live your life for you. 


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  • It Changes Things 7 of 11
    Changes Things

    I can relate to this. I think we all can. We have all been at a point in our lives when we thought, "I don' like me too much," or , "I'm not good enough." But it is a choice. Decide that you are enough. Decide to love yourself. 


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  • It Makes You Beautiful 8 of 11
    Makes You Beautiful

    Beauty does come from the inside. Yes, you can be pretty from the outside also! But what's the point if you don't love yourself? 


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  • It Is Your Job 9 of 11
    It Is Your Job

    It is your responsibility to become "self-first" and realize how lovable and fabulous you truly are. When it comes to receiving love and feeling love, it begins within.


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  • Builds Joy 10 of 11
    Builds Joy

    How joyful do you feel when you love yourself? Amazingly joyful. Nothing anyone can do or say can take that joy away from you. But if you don't love yourself, what others do or say hurts so much more. Build joy on self-love, not self-hate. 


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  • Works Miracles 11 of 11
    Work Your Miracle

    A miracle comes from hope, faith and love. No matter what your religion or beliefs you can't deny that love truly does move mountains.  


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