10 Reasons I Knew She Was the One I Had to Marry

Last week Ronnie shared with all of you how she knew I was the one. She talked about wasting her time with a host of random dudes before finding her knight in shining honor…yours truly, LOL. Well, I thought I would return the favor and answer the question that I’ve gotten from a lot of men over the past 5 years that we’ve run our site It will normally come up from a guy who’s dating someone who he thinks may be the one, but he’s just not sure. He wants to make sure that he’s not making a mistake in moving forward, or standing still, and needs more advice.

When this happens I go through a quick list of ways that I knew Ronnie was the one for me. The list includes what made her stand out, and what made me pop the question. In case any of you are wondering the same thing, or want to know how a man arrives at the engagement, check out my personal list below:


  • I was willing to do things for her that I’ve never done for anyone else. 1 of 10
    I was willing to do things for her that I've never done for anyone else.
    For example I went from not dating women who lived more than 45 minutes away to dating Ronnie who lived 2.5 hours away. Wowsers! 
  • She had goals that matched mine. 2 of 10
    She had goals that matched mine.
    I loved the fact that Ronnie had goals and ambitions that were so similar to mine. I knew that I was a go-getter so if I married someone who wasn't there would have been an instant problem. Instead I married someone with a similar mindset and here we are 5 years later with a website, a business, and a movement!
  • She was self-sufficient. 3 of 10
    She was self-sufficient.
    When we met Ronnie had kids but that never bothered me because she was already doing a great job of taking care of them on her own. There was no pressure that she needed me to step in and rescue her from a situation and I loved that. I admired how she handled her household.
  • She was FINE! (In my 90’s slang voice) 4 of 10
    She was FINE! (In my 90's slang voice)
    I'm a firm believer that it helps to be physically attracted to your spouse and knew I had a cutie on my hands.
  • She was incredibly smart. 5 of 10
    She was incredibly smart.
    She was really, really, super smart. I mean masters in math smart.
  • She was a great mom. 6 of 10
    She was a great mom.
    I love the way Ronnie nurtures our children in a manner in which I never could. I could see that in her before we got married so I looked forward to having more children once we got married.
  • I didn’t have to guess what type of woman she was. 7 of 10
    I didn't have to guess what type of woman she was.
    I hear from men who are dating and worried about their girlfriends changing once they get married. That wasn't even a thought for me. I could see who she was and I knew that I wouldn't have a problem being with that person for the rest of my life.
  • She was a cougar. 8 of 10
    She was a cougar.
    I liked the idea of dating someone older LOL. BTW is 4 years older actually a cougar? Plus tie in the fact that she was FINE (see slide 4) with the cougar aspect and I was all in LOL.
  • We made each other better. 9 of 10
    We made each other better.
    While we dated, we drove and encouraged each other to become better people. Better in both the professional and personal sense. From careers to faith we were accountability partners and I loved that.
  • Because we became best friends! 10 of 10
    Because we became best friends!


What made your spouse the one?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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