10 Reasons to Be Grateful for Your Mother-in-Law

When you hear the phrase “mother-in-law,” what comes to mind?

Do you automatically cringe, panic overrunning your body as you quickly look for a place to hide? Do you feel anxious, melancholy, or just plain annoyed?

Fear not. I am here to tell you that it’s time to move past the “Everybody Loves Raymond” stereotyping and start appreciating all the good things that come along with having a mother-in-law, such as this list…

  • 10 reasons to be grateful for your MIL. 1 of 11

    (And yes, that's my actual mother-in-law!)

  • No one knows your man like she does. 2 of 11

    Let's be honest here--yes, he loves you, but no one knows and loves that man like his mother does. And although that fact may be cast in a negative light sometimes, it just can't be a bad thing. 

  • You have someone to complain to. 3 of 11

    Because she knows your husband so well, she also knows just how annoying he can be when he forgets to pick up the milk, leaves all the cupboard doors open, or does that weird humming sound when he eats. Sometimes, it's nice to have someone to vent to who gets that strange mix of adoration and annoyance for the mutual man in your lives. 

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  • She made him the man he is today. 4 of 11

    Does your man run the vacuum like a pro? Whip up a gourmet meal like it's nothing? Fold the clothes and iron his pants without blinking an eye? Well, my friend, odds are he didn't glean those skills completely on his own--I'll put my money on the first woman in his life that taught him all of those handy domestic skills. 

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  • She’s probably grateful for you, too. 5 of 11

    I never fully understood the relationship between a mother and a son until my own son was born last July. And let me tell you, it is something fierce. I feel different about my son versus my daughters in a way that is surprising to me. It's not a different love or affection, but it is a different variation of protection that's hard to describe. He's my son and he knows exactly how to melt my heart. And I can admit, my mother's heart be still, that even with him so young, I think about the future woman in his life. I can only hope and pray that she turns out to be someone loving and right for him. 

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  • She taught him how to treat a woman. 6 of 11

    That sympathetic listening, door-holding gentleman didn't raise himself. You only have one very special person to thank for the man she raised into becoming the husband that you love. 

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  • She knows him better than anyone. 7 of 11

     Ever wonder why your husband likes his cookies the way he does or why he insists on tucking in the sheets a certain way? Wonder no more--you have your own fountain of knowledge just a phone call (or a visit) away. 

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  • She can give you insight into his innermost workings. 8 of 11

    The other day, I was stressing about something husband-related and I called my mother-in-law to commiserate. "You know, Chaunie," she said. "He's always been that way, ever since he was a baby." Her simple insight into my husband, even his infancy, helped me to realize that he is the way he is--and sometimes there's nothing I can do to change that. 

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  • She will always be there for you. 9 of 11

    Yes, her son was her first love--but you're a part of her family now too. And nothing makes her happier than seeing her son happy, so you are an important part of her life. 

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  • She will love your children immeasurably. 10 of 11

    If you and your husband choose to have children, your mother-in-law will be one of your biggest allies. Not only is she full of wisdom from raising that man you live with, but she will love your kids almost as much as you do--minus all of the exhaustion. And can you say built-in babysitter?

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  • You will become her. 11 of 11

    Fellow mothers of sons, I hate to break it to you, but if we do our jobs correctly, our own men will leave us to marry the loves of their lives. And we will take on that emotion-filled and iconic title of "Mother-in-Law." I can only hope I can fulfill it as graciously as my own has done. 

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