10 Reasons You and Your Spouse Are Experiencing a Dry Spell

If it has been awhile since you and your spouse have had sex it is easy to worry if something is wrong. It can be especially worrisome when you are constantly hearing other people talk about how much sex they are having. But occasional dry spells are very common and not necessarily a sign that something is wrong with your relationship. What they might be is a sign of the fact that you and your spouse have a lot more going on since the days when newlywed sex was one of the best parts of being married. Take a look at 10 possible reasons for why you and your spouse are experiencing a dry spell:

  • 10 Reasons You and Your Spouse Are Experiencing a Dry Spell 1 of 11
    10 Reasons You and Your Spouse Are Experiencing a Dry Spell

    Click through for 10 possible reasons why you and your spouse are experiencing a dry spell in your marriage.

  • You’re pregnant 2 of 11
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    While some women find themselves wanting to have more sex during pregnancy some of us experience the latter. Whether you aren't having sex because of your doctor's orders or you simply don't feel well and can't imagine doing anything but sleep, pregnancy has the ability to put a damper on your sex life.

  • You just had a baby 3 of 11

    You just had a baby (and yes, 6 months postpartum still counts as "just" right?). Chances are you aren't quite ready to get back on the saddle just yet. The thought of that going there makes you a little anxious.

  • You’ve got a TV in the bedroom 4 of 11

    Your bedroom isn't strictly for sleeping and being intimate with your spouse. Bringing in computers, iPads and watching television can all distract you from spending time with your spouse.

  • You choose sleep 5 of 11
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    You are tired. Whether it is long work hours and/or a cute little baby that just won't sleep when faced with a choice you choose sleep.

  • You have conflicting schedules 6 of 11
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     The Stir notes that conflicting schedules can cause a dry spell. If one of you works during the day and the other has the night shift there is little time for action in the bedroom.

  • Stress 7 of 11

    You are stressed out. Whether it is work related or not, stress can certainly put a damper on your love life.

  • Side effects 8 of 11

    Sometimes medication can result in side affects that impact your sex drive. According to his can include birth control as well as those that "reduce blood pressure, anxiety, acid reflux, and antidepressants."


  • You aren’t comfortable with your body 9 of 11
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     If you are struggling to feel comfortable in your own skin it can be difficult to want to engage in lovemaking. According to an article at, women may "withdraw themselves" as the result of being overweight or experiencing a "change in shape."

  • You’re being stubborn 10 of 11

    You haven't yet mastered the whole apology thing. If you and your spouse got into a disagreement and both of you are attempting  to hold your ground, your stubborn mentality might be keeping you from being able to enjoy each other. 

  • You’ve got a roommate 11 of 11

    You co-sleep or have your baby in the room. While some are completely comfortable having sex while baby is fast asleep it makes others squirm.

Now that you know possible causes of a dry spell it may be time to take some action and get that spark back. If you need some ideas here are 12 ways to get the spark back in your marriage.

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