10 Reasons You Should Be Having More Sex

If you’ve been with a partner for a while, there’s no doubt you’ve noticed that the honeymoon phase doesn’t last too long. You and your partner are not as lovey anymore as life comes into action — including mortgages, jobs and kids. Not only does romance take on a new meaning the longer you’re together, you’re likely not having sex as often as you used to.

A study conducted by the University of Chicago Press in 1994 titled “The social organization of sexuality: Sexual practices in the United States” found that the average American couple has sex about 7 times a month, which is just less than 2 times a week. While that may be ideal for some people, this study also showed that 47 percent of those polled reported only having sex a few times a month.

Even if you and your partner are happy with your sexual relationship, including how often you play between the sheets, there are some sound medical and scientific reasons why you may want to consider striking the mood more often.

1. It Can Cure a Headache

No longer can we use the “I have a headache” excuse to get out of having sex. We should be looking for our partner on the first onset of our headaches.  Researcher Neurologists at the University of Münster sent a survey to 1,000 migraine and cluster headache sufferers and 60% of the responses said that sex relieved the pain from their headache.

2. It Can Help You Sleep

If you have a hard time falling asleep at night, having sex before bed may be the best thing for you. Laura Berman, the director of the Berman Center for Women’s Sexual health says that having sex before bed can help relieve stress and ease you into sleep.

3. It Burns Calories

If you’re trying to lose a few pounds or you like to stay fit, having sex will work in your favor. According to Women’s Day, having sex burns up to 144 calories every half hour and even kissing can help you burn 68 calories an hour. They both sound a lot more fun than running.

4. It’s Good for Your Heart

With sex helping you lose weight and reduce stress while letting you get a better’s night rest, there’s no doubt that this fun activity is great for your heart — far beyond just being in love.

5. It Works Your Muscles

We know that sex is good for your heart muscles and can help you burn calories, but it also works a lot of other muscles in your body. Think about some of the positions and the muscle strength and stamina it takes and get creative to find more muscles to work while in bed.

6. It Relieves Pain

When you have sex, the hormone oxytocin is released through your body according to WebMD. This hormone increases endorphins and decreases pain which makes it a pretty good reason to jump into bed.

7. It Boosts Your Immune System

During the winter months, we’re all concerned over contracting the latest cold or flu. We take extra precautions, we take vitamins to reduce our risk and clean everything in sight trying to avoid the cold. According to scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, having sex at least once a week boosts the immune system in both sexes by 30%. Sounds like a lot more fun than downing a vitamin the size of your finger.

8. It Enhances Your Mood

Let’s be honest, we’re not always in the best of moods and grumpiness can happen to even the happiest of person. If you often find yourself waking up on the wrong side of the bed, you may want to have sex before you get up. Research cited by DNA India says that having sex first thing in the morning will leave you feeling upbeat and ready for the day.

9. It Can Get Rid of PMS

Much like sex relieves pain, it turns out it can also relieve a lot of the symptoms of PMS. From painful menstrual cramps to a general bad mood, having sex and the hormones that are released can help combat those feelings you get during PMS and make them nearly go away.  Pravada also says sex can relieve hangovers and the common cold too.

10. It Gives You Great Looking Skin

Everyone wants to look and feel their best and when it comes to sex, that may not only boost your mood, but your skin as well. According to Real Beauty, sex and orgasms can do great things for your skin from giving you that glow to controlling acne and preventing wrinkles.

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