10 Romantic Movies That May Make You Text an Ex

Romantic movies really do a number on women, myself included. Just recently, my cousin ranted about their negative effects on Facebook.

“I seriously need to stop watching romantic comedies,” she posted, stating she felt “awkward.”

“They’re my favorite, but when I watch them, I suddenly long for a man to build me a house. Or chase me down an airport to tell me he can’t live without me,” I replied.

“Exactly! It’s so unrealistic,” she said. “It really leaves me feeling a bit inadequate. Like I’m not lucky enough to meet a guy that perfect. I’m sticking to horror flicks for a while. Those make me feel blessed that I’m not possessed by Satan,” she joked.

We chuckled, LOLing and commenting back and forth with emoticons. But this Facebook conversation got me thinking. I’ve done really idiotic things after watching romantic movies. I just saw Blue Valentine this weekend and felt an urge to call an ex that cared deeply for me but that I just wasn’t that into. Damn you, Ryan Gosling!

Here are 10 other romantic movies that will make you text an ex, or do other idiotic things.

  • Blame Hollywood 1 of 11
    10 Romantic Movies That Will Make You Text An Ex

    Romantic movies are entertaining, but they can do a number on our imaginations. Here is a slideshow of movies that may lead to bad behavior — calling or texting an ex! 


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  • Love Actually 2 of 11

    This movie will convince you that rushing down an airport to catch him before his flight is a great idea. Don't do it! You aren't a Hollywood star! Or Rachel from Friends. To you, he may be perfect, but if he wanted to be with you, wouldn't he? It really is that simple. 


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  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 3 of 11

    Andie Anderson was so beautiful that you may think showing your ex your crazy side is a great idea. We all have a little crazy in us. But How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days suggests that a man will fall in love with us because we are nuts. Put down the ladder. Don't climb into your ex's window. Do not cry spontaneously then laugh suddenly. Just let him go! 


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  • The Wedding Planner 4 of 11

    If you were almost married, or have never been close to marriage, The Wedding Planner may send you into the arms of your ex-fiance. Or any man who's kind of liked you a lot. Do yourself a favor, and don't walk into any grates with high heels. 


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  • Sex and the City 5 of 11

    The bad boy is so appealing. Mr. Big will get you thinking about that bad boy that you almost turned good. I love Carrie and Big, but seeing this movie (as much as I love it) is bad for my health! Most bad boys don't change, especially those as hot as Mr. Big. 


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  • Serendipity 6 of 11

    I met a guy last summer. He is a bad boy. I could feel it. Then when I moved to LA, I  bumped into him. I was weary, but I gave him a chance. I thought it was serendipitous. What is the likelihood that I would bump into him randomly a year after moving to Los Angeles? So I rekindled the romance. It was bad news. I blame Serendipity


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  • Girls Just Want to Have Fun 7 of 11

    I met one of my exes at a club. He was an awesome dancer. So much so that Girls Just Want to Have Fun reminds me of him. If you watch this movie you will get the urge to contact the ex that rocked your world on the dance floor, and then some. 


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  • Sixteen Candles 8 of 11

    We all had a high school crush or a high school sweetheart. That man who we either dated or desired from afar sometimes lingers in our memories. Well, Sixteen Candles may lead you to find him on Facebook to reconnect. Before you know it, you'll be chatting with him on iMessage and making plans to reunite. 


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  • Something’s Gotta Give 9 of 11

    Who says older women don't want some? This is one of my favorite movies. Diane Keaton looks amazing, and she is the epitome of a successful woman. But she's alone. She doesn't date until Mr. Jack Nicholson walks into her kitchen. What's so bad about watching this movie? You will want the same excitement that she receives after sexing Jack. This just may lead to a booty call with What's His Name. He was so bad in every way, but so good at that. 


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  • My Best Friend’s Wedding 10 of 11

    Was one of your exes your former best friend? Do you wish it would have worked out? This movie may just stir your emotions for your ex-friend. You may just do the Julia and become obsessive over your ex-boyfriend/friend. And almost ruin a wedding. 


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  • Titanic 11 of 11

    Whenever I watch Titanic, I think of one ex in particular. He was sweet, wild, and kind of broken. He didn't have much family. He was so passionate and romantic. I wanted to save him! I wanted to help him! If I had his number, I would totally text him while Jack is painting Rose. But I don't. And I shouldn't. Neither should you. Whomever your Jack is you, let him go.


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