10 Signs You’re an “Old Married Couple”

When I think of the term “old married couple” I envision a grandparent-aged couple who have been together for longer than I’ve been alive. They are cute and romantic, yet seem to have their own quirks about them.

I want to be that couple when I get older — I have been married for 9 years now and while in the long scheme of life, that’s not a long time — our marriage has lasted longer than couples we know in the same age. It’s been work, it still is, but one day I hope we can look back and consider ourselves the 30-year married, adorable, old couple.

While we have a long way to go until that, I still think we act like an old married couple. I don’t think it’s totally a bad thing, but the signs are so there.

Click through and read 10 signs you are an “old married couple”:

  • 10 Signs You’re an "Old Married Couple" 1 of 11

    You don't have to have been married for 30+ years to be considered an "old married couple".

  • Communication 2 of 11

    You don't really have long conversations anymore. They're more just fleeting moments and it's rare if you're talking without doing something else too.

  • Date Night 3 of 11

    Your idea of a date night, and one you take on a weekly-basis, is heading over to Target to pick up the latest essentials. Not terribly romantic, but at least you're out together.

  • You Fight Less 4 of 11

    Sure, you have bickering, but gone are the days of hurtful fighting and taking it all too personally.

  • You Will Always Choose Sleep 5 of 11

    If you had to choose between sleep and getting intimate, you'll likely choose the first option.

  • Two Words 6 of 11

    Granny Panties (goodbye lingerie).

  • Silence 7 of 11

    It's not awkward anymore, it's something you enjoy and look forward to.

  • You Talk in Code 8 of 11

    You have your own sweet language and you often finish each other's sentences - it's cute as all can be.

  • Nagging What? 9 of 11

    Those things that each party nags about no longer registers with the person doing the offending thing. Nagging often now goes unnoticed - everyone else sees it though.

  • Going Out 10 of 11

    You would both rather stay in, head to bed, and watch your latest Netflix obsession than go out to see a movie.

  • You’re Best Friends 11 of 11

    You really do - like really - not only love each other, but like each other. You consider each other one of your very best friends.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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