10 Things Not to Say to Someone After a Breakup

Breakups suck and when you go through one, having friends who love you and care for you can make a world of difference as you try to find your new normal.

Whether you were in a relatively new relationship or you’re seeing the end of something that was more long-term, breakups sting. It’s common to turn to your friends for words of comfort and that’s what makes friends so great. They call to check-in to see how we’re doing, listen to our sadness and confusion as we try to start over and well, sometimes they say cliche things that we find more annoying than helpful. Well meaning friends are just trying to help us through something, but sometimes those words of comfort just make our rage boil.

Click through and read 10 things you should not say to someone after they have a breakup because it’s more annoying than helpful:

  • 10 Things Not to Say to Someone After a Breakup 1 of 11

    You mean well, but they're so cliche, it's annoying. 

  • “There are other fish in the sea” 2 of 11

    This saying is so cliche it hurts to write. We all know that there are a lot of people in the world, but while grieving the loss of a relationship, this is hardly helpful.

  • “Now we can hang out more!” 3 of 11

    Oh, don't make it about you and don't make them feel guilty about the time spent on their relationship.

  • “Being single isn’t that bad” 4 of 11

    Well, who implied it was in the first place? It's probably scary enough looking forward but this just frames it all wrong.

  • “Think it’s really over?” 5 of 11

    Oh maybe you've heard it before that they were over and they got back together. Whether that's the plan or not or which way you hope for it to go, it's not helpful.

  • “You’ll get over him soon” 6 of 11

    You know those sayings that it takes half the time you were together to get over someone or something like that? Timelines are not okay.

  • “I know someone perfect for you” 7 of 11

    If your friend just broke up with their partner, don't try to rush them into finding another partner right away. If you have someone perfect, hold on to it for a bit.

  • “You could do so much better” 8 of 11

    While you may have feelings about what your friend's partner was like, don't bad-mouth them because that's not your place.

  • “He’ll be back” 9 of 11

    If your friend is the one who was blindsided over the breakup, you don't want to say something that could make them feel like there's hope if you have no idea there is. It's better to stick to things you know for sure -- like they will get through this and you'll help.

  • “He wasn’t good enough for you” 10 of 11

    Just like saying you could do better, saying anything bad about your friend's partner just won't go over well and can put a wedge into your relationship.

  • “When are you going to date again?” 11 of 11

    Don't rush your friend to get over their failed relationship and make them feel anxious about their situation!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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