10 Things to Do to Overcome the Single Gal Holiday Blues

It’s holiday time. We are surrounded by Christmas trees, ornaments, wreaths and big, red bows. Go into any department store and sway to the holiday music. Croon along with Mariah Carey as she sings, “All I want for Christmas is you!” Feel all warm and fuzzy when you stand under a mistletoe with your loved one.

That’s what the holidays feel like when you’re in a relationship. It’s a time of joy, giving and love. Now, imagine if you’re single, like me. Christmas trees remind me of how I have to decorate my tree…alone. Mariah Carey’s carols make me want to gag because all I want for Christmas is a husband. And that mistletoe? I cringe at the sight of it. If I’m lucky, I won’t have to kiss a friend’s uncle.

How can single gals overcome the holiday blues? I have some suggestions. But please take them lightly as they are mostly to entertain. Don’t blame me if you burn your house down.

  • Ho Ho No! I Am Single 1 of 11
    Santa Costume

    Ho ho no! You're single during the holidays...again! But don't worry, my loves. We will stick it through and make it through together. Just follow these here suggestions to overcome the single holiday blues. Photo Credit:

  • Write Santa a Hate Letter 2 of 11

    You were good this year, right? So why are you still single? That's what you and I both want to know and someone has to listen. Someone has to pay the piper. That someone will be Santa. Write a hate letter to Santa. Tell him how he failed you when you were good. You were so not naughty! Ban him from your chimney. Eat all his cookies. And tell Mr. Claus he sucks. Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons. 

  • Burn Photos of Exes 3 of 11

    Instead of chestnuts roasting on an open fire, let us toast photos of our exes like marshmallows. They're probably hindering our growth anyway. I read somewhere that memorabilia of past relationships affect our relationship present. Read: it may be why we're still single. So, let them burn, let them burn. (And please have a fire extinguisher handy.) Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons. 

  • Buy Yourself Great Presents 4 of 11

    You are fabulous, which is why you deserve as many presents as married women receive. Buy yourself something pretty. Wrap it up in a bow and make sure it's expensive. This gift should be a gift from you to you. This gift is a gift that sets the standard for your future husband. He better start saving. Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons. 

  • Unfriend the Ghosts of Relationships Past 5 of 11
    Snooping Computer Phone

    If you're friends with any exes on Facebook, give yourself the gift of unfriending. Go on. Click that button. I did so not too long ago. Being Facebook friends with exes, especially those who hurt us, doesn't do us any good during the holiday season. It's only good for one thing - to curse them out on our Facebook wall when they post their family Christmas card. You're not in it. Bah humbug! Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons. 

  • Bring a Mistletoe With You Everywhere 6 of 11

    Who says you can't control the mistletoe? Take it everywhere you go and choose who to kiss. It will make for a great holiday story. Maybe you'll choose right and kiss your next true love. Photo Credit:

  • Go Caroling Where Hot Men Live 7 of 11

    Warm up your vocal chords and get to singing! Mariah Carey may own Christmas but you can follow her lead and go caroling where hot men roam. Go door to door with single girlfriends in a trendy neighborhood known for their hot single males. Photo Credit:

  • Drink Enough Coquito for Two 8 of 11
    Coquito or Eggnog

    Coquito is a holiday tradition in most Latino homes of Caribbean descent. What is it? Eggnog with lots of rum. And I mean lots. So don't be blue! Make yourself a killer coquito and sip while you decorate your tree. After a few drinks, you won't even remember that you're single. Cause you'll be snoozing. Photo Credit:

  • Invite Friends Over for a Post Christmas Bash 9 of 11
    Christmas Party

    Most people spend time with family and their husbands and children. So why not throw a single woman's holiday bash in your home? Invite all your single friends and maybe even some boys. Make it a party where everyone brings a friend of the opposite sex that they are not interested in. And let the magic happen over coquito (Latino eggnog). Photo Credit:

  • Build a Bad Snowman of Your Ex 10 of 11

    If it's snowing outside take the opportunity to frolic in the snow. And build a terrible snowman of your ex. You can give him wonky eyes, a crooked carrot nose, and dirty the snow. Then crush it the snowman with your bear hands. Grrr! Make sure to wear your mittens. Photo Credit:

  • Make Your Own Holiday Card 11 of 11

    Go the Kardashian route and make an annual Christmas card. You can borrow some of your kids friends, or your neighbor's dogs. Or you can make it all about you. You're fabulous, so why not? Wear your hottest outfit. Put on some makeup. Say cheese. Then post the photo all over Facebook. And mail a copy to Santa. That way next year he won't forget you at all. Photo Credit:

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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