10 Things You Should Never Say About Your Ex

Most of us have some sort of an ex in our lives — whether from a summer fling thing or a long-term relationship that went south. It can be a weird, conflicting time just after your breakup, where you’re trying to sort through what went wrong, how you may have played into it, what you could have done differently, and those weird feelings left over about your ex.

You may have been over the relationship long before you officially broke up, or you could be left in angry-ville and blindsided. Oftentimes you’re somewhere in between, and when your relationship comes to a close, since you’re human, there’s probably some not-so-nice things you could say about your ex-relationship and partner.

Breakups are not easy and neither is dealing with your ex. Sure you’re mad and there’s probably some baggage, but there are things you should not ever say about your ex to anyone (other than maybe your sworn-to-secrecy super best friend).

Click through and read 10 things you should never say about your ex:

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    Sometimes it's breaking a code and sometimes it just makes you look worse. 

  • S/He Was Terrible in Bed 2 of 11

    I have a feeling if you say this, it's more out of anger and not really for real ... but it's still not good. Unless they were like, epically bad, this comment just ends up making you look shallow.

  • I Hated Their Parents 3 of 11

    Okay, so not everyone can get along with their in-laws, but remember that you're angry at your ex-partner - there's no need to bring the parents into it.

  • S/He Had Bad Grooming Habits 4 of 11

    "They smelled terrible." - "They never shaved!" - "S/he had bad breath!"

    Not cool to say. It's mean-spirited and, sure, vent to your BFF, but don't damage your ex's reputation.

  • I Still Really Love Him 5 of 11

    It's probably true and, if it is, try not to say it too much. Moving on from a relationship can be difficult and holding on to those thoughts can really make the process longer and harder.

  • Her/His Best Friend Is Cuter Anyway 6 of 11

    Oh, the things we say when we're angry! It's not nice and doesn't make you look good. It also kind of belittles the relationship you had.

  • Anything Said In Private 7 of 11

    In an intimate relationship, we share intimate details - weird, right? Well, just because you're no longer together doesn't mean you get free rights to spill the secrets - so don't!

  • I Want Him/Her Back 8 of 11

    Unless it's evident that it will be possible again, it can hinder your moving on process.

  • He/She … Insert Annoying Habit 9 of 11

    Again, intimate relationships show you more who and what a person is like. So what if they had a lot of gas, were kind of bad with money, or had smelly feet - that should not be shared when you're no longer together.

  • I HATE HIM 10 of 11

    Yes, you can be mad and angry and it may feel like you hate him, but that anger is not good for either of you. Try to balance that out with some things you loved - there must have been something, since you were together, right?

  • S/He Was Such a … Insert Bad Word 11 of 11

    You can say things in anger and it will be forgiven, but you can't keep spouting hate words about your ex because it's not healthy for anyone.

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