10 Things You Should Never Say to a Bride-to-Be

I am often the bridesmaid and never the bride. Unlike many of my friends, I’ve never even been engaged. So, you can imagine how frustrating it becomes when my friends (the brides-to-be) become Bridezilla’s.

I want to scream at my a wedding planner! I want to sob in a corner because the cake is supposed to be red velvet, not chocolate! Me, me, me, me!!!

Okay. I needed to release that rage.  Let us celebrate their engagement and union. Let’s try not to upset them by pushing their buttons…by accident.

Blame it on my desire to walk down the aisle, or foot-in-mouth disease, but I have said some pretty silly things to women who are engaged. Words that I will repeat today. Here are seven things you should never say to a bride-to-be.

  • Beware of Your Words to Future Brides 1 of 11
    10 Things You Should Never Say to a Bride-to-Be

    Unless you want to deal with a Bridezilla, or be disinvited to a wedding, make sure to watch what you say to the future bride! Check out the slideshow of what not to say to a woman who is engaged. 

  • Your Ring is So Small! 2 of 11

    Whether she's rocking a stud on her finger or a 10 carat diamond, never say that her ring is small. You will not only insult her, but she may also bust your lip and show you that even a "small ring" can create a giant gash. Photo Credit: Best Bride 101.

  • Is That a Real Diamond? 3 of 11
    Fake Diamond Ring

    She may be wearing a cubic zirconia on her ring finger, but you better not say a word about its quality. It doesn't matter if it pops off the setting. Ooh and ah as if it's the most beautiful diamond in the world! Photo Credit: Etsy. 

  • You Need to Lose Weight 4 of 11
    Weight Scale

    The worst thing to do to an already stressed out bride-to-be is comment on her body image. All brides want to lose a few pounds before the big day. Don't make her feel worse than she already does! She may just invite you to the wedding buy not give you any wedding cake. Photo Credit:

  • I’m Not Wearing That Bridesmaid Dress 5 of 11
    Ugly Bridesmaid Dress

    Bridesmaids, here's a word of wisdom: don't question the bride-to-be's style. She may put you in neon pink ruffles, or lavender taffeta, but it is her wedding. Suck it up and hide the photo evidence. Photo Credit:

  • Are You Sure You Want to Marry Him? 6 of 11
    Stank Face

    Even if you don't approve of the groom, it's her groom! Don't be the girlfriend with the stank face who is questioning the union. Please sit down and forever hold your peace. Photo Credit:

  • Wait! There’s a Cash Bar? 7 of 11

    As an adamant drinker at weddings (cause being single at weddings sucks), I've been guilty of this statement. I don't want to have to pay for alcohol and the gift. But sometimes that is the case. So, mums the word. Because commenting on the cash bar is synonymous with "you're cheap." Photo Credit:

  • OMG! I Have the Best Wedding Idea! 8 of 11

    Starting anything with OMG will probably send a bride-to-be over the edge. And then you're giving her suggestions for her big day? Her dream wedding? Who do you think you are?! Unless she asks for input, I suggest going with the flow of wedding planning. Let the bride-to-be create her dream wedding.  Photo Credit:

  • Why Am I Not a Bridesmaid? 9 of 11

    Choosing bridesmaids is really stressful for brides-to-be. They have to take family into account, childhood friends and even those new friends that feel like family. Don't add to her pressure by demanding to be a bridesmaid. You want it to be her choice. Photo Credit:

  • Don’t Sit Me with So and So 10 of 11
    Wedding Table

    The drama of seating arrangements is often ongoing, even up to the very big day. Don't demand to be seated away from someone. Chances are she already knows you hate your cousin Amy because she pulled your hair when you were kids. She probably won't sit you at the same table. But, if you keep asking and whining, she may just sit you next to Amy and her entire brood of hair-pulling children! Photo Credit:

  • It’s About Time He Proposed! 11 of 11
    Older Woman Marry

    Whether the bride-to-be is 45 or 25, if she said yes, then she wanted him to propose. Don't be a Negative Nanny and remind her when he didn't step up. The point is he did so now!  Photo Credit:

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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