10 Ways to Surprise Your Partner No Matter How Long You’ve Been Together

If you’ve been together with your partner for a while, there are times where life may start to feel more routine and less spontaneous. Surprises are good in life and even if you’ve been with your partner for a long time, those surprises can really do a lot for both of you.

Planning something your significant other has no idea is being done, a quick note to say you’re thinking of them, and keeping that spark in your life are not only good for your spirit and health, but I believe important for the spirit and health of your relationship.

Even if you’ve been together for 20+ years, being committed with a partner is a lot of work, and you should want to put in that work – but it doesn’t have to feel impossible or take a whole lot of time.

Click through and read 10 ways you can surprise your partner even after all these years:

  • 10 Ways to Surprise Your Partner 1 of 11

    Even if you've been together forever, these simple ways to surprise your partner can have a lot of positive impact.

  • Throw a Surprise Party 2 of 11

    Who doesn't love a party in their honor? Even if there's no other reason than you love your partner, make them feel extra special with a big surprise party.

  • Take Initiative 3 of 11

    If you're not usually the one who takes initiative in the bedroom, doing so will be a wonderfully welcome surprise to your partner.

  • Plan a Date 4 of 11

    Sometimes the idea of planning a date can be daunting. From crazy busy schedules to finding someone to watch the kids, it can be a lot of work to get away for an evening. Surprise your partner by taking care of all those details and whisking them away for an evening of romance and fun.

  • Write Down the Love 5 of 11

    No matter now long you and your partner have been together, we all love hearing why they love us and what they think makes us special. Don't have them question it again and surprise them by writing down and framing all the reasons you love them so much.

  • Text Message of Love 6 of 11

    Communication has gotten a whole lot easier, yet a whole lot more impersonal with the technological advances like text messaging. Surprise your partner with an "I LOVE YOU" or a "I MISS YOU" text in place of the typical grocery item text.

  • Plan a Getaway 7 of 11

    Have you and your partner always talked about taking a vacation, but you always have a million and one reasons why you don't have time? Plan it for your partner and give them the greatest surprise.

  • Show Interest in Their Hobby 8 of 11

    If your partner has always wanted you to go golfing with them or to try their hand at scrap-booking, but you've never been interested, surprise them and show genuine interest. It's all about spending time together, right?

  • Cook a Special Dinner 9 of 11

    You know that restaurant you and your partner went to on your first date and the incredible meal you shared? Recreate that meal, made by scratch at home, and no doubt it will be a loving and well-accepted surprise. Not only for your new cooking talents, but for remembering that special meal together.

  • Pick Up That Special Something 10 of 11

    If your partner has been eying a gorgeous piece of jewelry or has been talking about this item they've been wanting forever, surprise them by picking it up. Not only will they love that you've gotten them something they've always wanted, they will be surprised that you listened and remembered.

  • Plan a Friend’s Getaway 11 of 11

    We all need a little time away - yes, even from each other sometimes, and that's where friends come in wonderfully. Help your partner's friends by secretly planning a getaway for your partner and take care of all those little and big details.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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