10 Ways Your Mom BFF Always Has Your Back

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You’ve got mom friends. They’re the friends you wave to in the car line or sit next to on the playground. Your kids are the same age. You talk about poop and childbirth and who’s likely to make it on the JV soccer team this year. You know each other’s cars by sight. You probably have the same school/daycare/sports team bumper stickers.

And then there’s your mom BFF.

You know your mom BFF inside and out. She’s the one you ask about DivaCups. Your kids are the same age, and probably play together, but it’s your friendship that keeps you going, not theirs. She’s seen that back bathroom still under renovation. She knows where you keep the silverware. And she’s saved your butt more times than you can count.

Here are 10 signs she’s your #1 for life …

1. She’s there with a wipe when you need it.

Whether it’s for your kid’s butt or his face, your mom BFF always has a handy wet wipe for you. And a diaper, too. And you never have to worry about getting her back, or feel guilty — because next week, you’ll be the one supplying the wet wipe for her kid’s butt.

2. She makes your excuses.

Didn’t feel like showing up to that fundraiser? You can count on your mom BFF to tell everyone you’re in bed with a raging fever. If you don’t feel like it/can’t make it/are too lazy to leave the bed, your mom BFF is there to explain to the PTA why you just couldn’t manage to get there.

3. She’ll talk down your bake sale panic.

The bake sale’s tomorrow and you haven’t started. No worries. Your mom BFF is on it. She shows up at your house with all the necessary ingredients for chocolate sugar-frosted peanut butter bombs, helps you bake them, and even helps assemble them into Pinterest-worthy packages. She really saved your ass that time.

4. She remembers when you started your last period.

Pregnancy fears begone! Just pick up the phone and ask your mom BFF when you started cycling. You’ve synched up, after all. That means you get bitchy with each other once a month, but it also means you spend a few days laying around and complaining together.

5. And when your period starts, she’s always got a tampon for you.

That woman’s purse is like some magical bag of necessity. Don’t use tampons? She’s got a pad. And if you don’t use either, she’ll be the one who helps you figure out how to put in that DivaCup.

6. She’s always there to watch your kids.

Got a doctor’s appointment or a hot date? Your mom BFF is there to take the kidlets. She’ll feed them, stick them in front of the TV, and make sure they don’t kill each other, which is all you’re really asking for anyway. She won’t even flinch when the baby man-poops and the middle child decides to color on her wall.

7. She’ll help you fold those clothes.

Your mom BFF will bring the kids over, let them loose, and talk to you while you both fold Mount Laundry. She won’t flinch at the sight of your husband’s holey underwear, and she’ll even read the tags to make sure she keeps the kids’ laundry straight. That’s true love.

8. She’ll provide an escape hatch.

You can always tell your husband that your mom BFF needs some quality time. She can tell her husband the same thing about you, and you can both skip off to get pedicures together. You both did need some quiet time, anyway.

9. She’ll clean your bathroom.

No, really. When your bathroom’s at its filthiest, and your mother-in-law’s only four hours away, and you really, really, really need your house clean, your mom BFF will take up the Clorox and scrub out your toilet.

10. She’ll feed you.

Kitchen a wreck, don’t feel like cooking, and too lazy for takeout? Your mom BFF always has room at the table for you and yours. Whatever she’s making, she’ll stretch it out to accommodate your brood. Next week, you’ll do the same for her. And if all else fails, you’ll just go to her house and order pizza together.

How has your mom BFF saved you?

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