11 of the Best Wedding Gifts to Give

If you are headed to a wedding this season wedding guest etiquette may be at the forefront of your mind. Encompassed in this is the actual act of gift giving. After all, unless you sent it prior to the wedding showing up gift less would definitely classify as a wedding don’t. So what do you get? If the couple made a registry then your quest to find the best wedding gift just got a little easier. That is, until you actually look at the registry. Go online to take a peek and you might find yourself scrolling and scrolling in hopes to find the end. Print it at the store and your toddler is likely to have a tantrum before you even make it to the third page.

While the staff at many stores are very helpful in answering questions, for some reason, even when the couple has made a list of all the things they want, it’s hard to choose. Sure, you can get them the towel set they registered for, but the ice cream maker sounds way more fun and the espresso maker is a way cooler gift.

To help you narrow down the list I asked some of my friends via social media to share what the best wedding gift they received was. Oftentimes we hear what we shouldn’t get but should we be gifting. Here are 11 of the best wedding gifts according to my Facebook and Instagram friends:

  • Cash 1 of 9

    "We jokingly told our extended family that we were registered at the U.S. Treasury. We were both older with a lot of household items so cash was greatly appreciated (we paid for the wedding ourselves!)." ~ Fadra (@allthingsfadra)

  • A Custom Gift 2 of 9

    "@hismrshermr we loved all our gifts but one that really captured me was an engraved crystal bowl from Tiffany's. It's still in the box, don't want it to be ruined, LOL." ~ Maria (@luv_hot_pink)

  • Toaster and Electric Kettle 3 of 9

    "It's a tie between our toaster and our electric kettle; we are not morning people, and those two items simplify breakfast. Boring, I know, but it was so nice to get quality items we'd use every day." ~ Mary (@marymuses)

  • Laundry Supplies 4 of 9

    "My mom's gift was pretty epic: laundry basket FULL of laundry supplies including a laminated list of 'how-to-get (grass stains, blood, ink, etc)-out-of-cotton/silk/whatever' list. All the needed supplies were in the basket from that list. Woolite? check. Spray and wash? check. Cheap hairspray to get ink out? check. Not exactly beautiful or romantic, but priceless when solving laundry goofs!" ~ Alexis (@alexis_gentry)

  • Handmade Quilts 5 of 9

    "We received a couple handmade quilts from family in our wedding colors. And those are the things that still remind me of the wedding. One was made painstakingly by my grandmother, whose arthritis makes her quilt making much more difficult than before. The other things are useful and essentials but the quilt will be a forever useful keepsake commemorating our wedding and my grandmother." ~ Sarah (@sjaym)

  • Indoor Griddle and Monogrammed Wine Glasses 6 of 9

    "An indoor grill/griddle! Love that thing. And also some great monogrammed plastic wine glasses. Great for taking to block parties and neighbors houses." ~ Jamie (@mrsjonessoapbox)

  • Luggage 7 of 9

    "Money for our honeymoon through honeyfund.com. Tangible gift that we both use, luggage." ~ Danielle

  • A Wedding 8 of 9

    "... our fav wedding gift was my parents paying for our wedding." ~ Jennifer

  • When in doubt… 9 of 9

    Gift cards! I think gift cards are a great option for those who are indecisive when it comes to what to gift the couple. If a couple registered at a store and you can't decide what to get, opt for a gift card and they can always go pick out what they need. Thanks to gift cards (and cash) we were able to buy many of the things we needed but did not receive as gifts.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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