11 Women Share What They Really Want From Their Significant Others for Christmas

I remember when I was a little girl my neighbor sat down and helped me draft my very first Christmas wish list. It was the first one I had ever made. It was quite thorough too — so thorough that I referred to it for my birthday and the next Christmas.

Then one day I grew up and became a mother. And suddenly my Christmas wish was one filled with a desire to make memories with my daughter and give her the things her little heart desired. Later, I became a wife and my Christmas wish was simply to celebrate the season as a family, to enjoy seeing the magic of Christmas through our child’s eyes and to not lose sight of what it really was all about.

Over the years, my husband and I have exchanged gifts with the exception of last year, the year we decided to refrain from exchanging gifts. Some years we challenged each other to come up with something creative, something on a budget, or to share an experience together. For us, Christmas was about children — ours, those we could bless through acts of giving, and of course, God’s son. As I have said before, we may not have had everything we wanted but we certainly had everything that we needed. We still do.

This year, we’ve decided to exchange gifts. My husband even told me what he wanted. But then he ran out and bought it after he got wind of a massive sale. So I’m back to the drawing board. I’ve definitely been thinking of gifting him one (or all!) of these free gifts, but I kind of want to see him unwrap something, even if I had to use a million strips of tape to keep the paper from jumping off the box.

Recently, I took to Facebook and Instagram to ask some friends and readers what they wanted their significant others to get them for Christmas. They requested gifts ranging from jewelry to experiences; their Christmas wants are sure to give you plenty to consider when pondering what to get your own significant other. Many of their answers were sweet, thoughtful, and say a lot about them. So many of the requests were tied to memories, moments, and sentiments. In a sense, they are tangible reminders of what this season is about making spirits bright, blessing others, and dancing in the joy that abounds.

Take a look at 11 gifts Babble readers and bloggers really want their significant others to get them for Christmas.

  • What Women Really Want for Christmas 1 of 12
    What Women Really Want for Christmas

    Find out what women really want their significant others to get them Christmas.

  • A Day Spent Just the Two of Them 2 of 12
    A Day Spent Just the Two of Them

    "I would love a day just for us - brunch in the morning, some shopping or hiking in the afternoon, maybe a massage or something, then a yummy dinner at one of our favorite places! Our dates are usually only a couple hours long (when we get them), so a day to spend together without the littles would be AMAZING!" ~ Lacy Stroessner, Disney Baby and Living on Love Blog

  • Sleep! 3 of 12

    "I would love for my husband to wake up and get the baby and let me sleep in for once. Just 20 minutes of sleep will make my day!" ~ Jackie Balarezo Ruvalcaba

  • A Photo Book 4 of 12
    A photo book

    "I would love for my husband to make me one of those Blurb photo books. I take a million photos of our kid, but almost none of them are printed. I've tried making a book myself and it overwhelms me, because I don't know which photos to pick or how to arrange them, so I just give up. I would LOVE for him to just take it and run with it!" ~ Lauren Hartmann, Babble and The Little Things We Do 

  • A Date Night 5 of 12
    Date Night 2

    "For Christmas, my ultimate gift from the Hubster would be a date night, complete with takeout Chinese food and a great movie. With two littles, it's almost impossible to spend quality time together. Although I've never been one to turn down sparkly gifts!" ~ Jess Elaine, The Jess Elaine

  • Something Handmade 6 of 12
    Something handmade

    "I would love for my husband to make me a hand painted coffee mug with our son's handprint on it. I love handmade gifts and a morning cup of coffee!" ~ Jennifer Medina

  • Something Big or Small 7 of 12
    Something Big or Small

    "I have him a list of things both big and small. The largest thing was us being at home for the Holidays. The smallest thing was a glass coffee travel mug." ~ Charity, The Word Of A Nerd

  • Workshop and a Phone 8 of 12
    Workshop and a Phone

    "To go to a certain photography workshop...and a new phone. (My bday is 8 days after Christmas, so it's ok to have two right?) lol" ~ Jenna, @Jennaleephoto

  • Sparkles and Storage 9 of 12
    Sparkles and Storage

    "A dainty pair of diamond earrings, an armoire for my accessories." ~ @elle_manic

  • Cooking Lessons 10 of 12
    A Cooking class

    "A weekend French cuisine class. Lessons would be ideal." ~ Katy, @heycakes

  • Happiness and Cleanliness 11 of 12
    Happiness and Cleanliness

    "I told Jamaal I wanted a happy marriage and a clean garage." ~ Maria, Take A Walk In My Heels-Married with Children

  • Him to Make Plans 12 of 12
    Him to Make Plans

    "I haven't told my husband what I want for Christmas yet. But being the sentimental person that I am, I definitely want something thoughtful. A date planned entirely by him sounds dreamy, particularly if there's dessert. Or even just waking up early and watching the sunrise (and yes, I realize it isn't summer). It's something I've always wanted to do and I'm curious to know whether or not it is as amazing as it looks in the movies. And at least one selfie thrown in for good measure (and memories)."~ Me, Babble and His Mrs. Her Mr.



Do you and your significant other exchange presents? If so, what do you hope to receive from them this holiday?


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