11 Worst Ways to Break Up With Your Partner

Breaking up is never easy to do — and it’s certainly never easy to be on the receiving end of the bad news. There may come a time in your relationship where a break up is inevitable. It’s not an easy decision, but sometimes it really is the right one for both of you.

Change and starting again is never easy and that break off can sometimes be the best thing, even though it’s so hard. There are some polite and caring ways to end a relationship, and there are some terrible ways as well. If you want to remain friends or at the very least, be a decent human, there are some ways you should avoid breaking up with your partner. There are some serious no-no’s when it comes to potentially breaking hearts and ending a partnership — no matter now long you’ve been a couple.

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    If you're going to do it, at least be respectful about it.

  • Via Text Message 2 of 12

    Texting has quickly become the go-to way of communicating, but when it comes to breaking up with your partner, it's not good enough. You want to be able to have a two-way conversation and just leaving a text leaves room for a lot of questions. And it's just so cold. 

  • Changing Your Relationship Status 3 of 12

    Facebook and other social media sites are a great way to share, but when it comes to your break up, don't let your partner find out this way. It's there for everyone to see and other people finding out before your partner is not nice. 

  • Chickening Out & Cheating On Them 4 of 12

    If you don't want to be in a relationship anymore, break up with them. Don't chicken out and make them the one who ended it by intentionally getting caught cheating. 

  • Chickening Out & Treat Them Badly 5 of 12

    If you and your partner are reaching the end of your relationship, there will likely be some unkind words (though, hopefully not). If you want to break up -- just do it. Don't let them be the one to do it because you've decided it would be easier on you to be meaner to them so they'll break up with you.

  • Saying You Need Space, When You Clearly Don’t 6 of 12

    While needing space may be your reason for wanting to break up, be sure you mean it if you say it. Telling your partner you need space then immediately start dating someone else is wrong and can be quite hurtful.


  • Just Leaving a Note 7 of 12

    It's like the old-school way of leaving a text message, it's not a two-way communication so it's not nice. Remember when Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City was broken up with on a post-it? It's mean!

  • In Front of an Audience 8 of 12

    No one likes bad news and when it comes to a break up, there's no doubt that emotions can be high. If you're going to break up with your partner, don't do it in front of an audience. Whether that be in a public place, a friend's night out, or a family get-together. Be kind and do it privately. 

  • While on Vacation 9 of 12

    If you've taken a romantic getaway in hopes of rekindling that flame only to realize it's for sure sizzled out, wait! Do not break up with your partner while away on vacation -- it leaves a lot more issues than would originally be there (like extra expenses from another hotel room or an early flight home). 

  • Right After Sex 10 of 12

    We've all heard of break up sex, which happens after you've broken up kind of as a last slip, but the last thing you should do is break up right after sex. It should be common sense, but in case it's not -- now you know. 

  • Break Up on a Significant Date 11 of 12

    A birthday, an anniversary, Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve and Christmas are all off-limits for breaking up. Also, significant dates special to your partner (which you should know) -- should all be avoided. You don't want to make that happy day known for the day their heart was broken, so wait a day or too. 

  • Letting it All Drag On 12 of 12

    While you should wait a day or two after a significant date and that's okay, dragging a relationship out for weeks or months or longer is not a good way to do things. If you know the relationship is over, but you're too afraid of hurting your partner or of change, suck it up. You owe it to your partner and to yourself to not be in a relationship that's no longer working or making you happy. 

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