12 Annoying Things People Do When They Are In Love

A few months ago, my husband and I were cleaning out the storage room in our basement. It was full of boxes on boxes of old stuff — things from our apartment we moved out of 6 years ago and even things we’ve kept from childhood. We were on a big purge of stuff to make more room and clearly, since we hadn’t touched this stuff in at least 6 years, we probably didn’t need it.

While going through the boxes, we came across some super embarrassing things. We started dating 14 years ago when I was 17, still in high school and apparently really, really romantic. We found homemade gifts to each other to celebrate our 4th month together, sappy Valentine’s Day cards, and all I could do was roll my eyes and hide them — fast.

I forgot how annoying people can be when they’re newly in love, and apparently I was one of those people. I think when you’re deep in that gushy-love stage, you don’t really think too much about it, but trust me — when you’re out of that honeymoon phase, these things all people do when they’re newly in love is just annoying to other people.

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  • 12 Annoying Things People Do When They Are In Love 1 of 13
    in love

    I was one of them and was probably as annoying as I could be.

  • No Boundaries 2 of 13

    You used to laugh and turn away from people who would be so openly affectionate in public, but then you fell in love and now that's all you do. You have no boundaries when it comes to your PDA -- and no warning it's about to come on strong.

  • You Merge 3 of 13

    No longer do you answer questions in the singular, but you merge into one person and become a "we". "Yes, we would like to go out tonight", or "No, we haven't done that before". Your singular identity kind of just disappears.

  • You Become Hermits 4 of 13

    Your friends call and ask if you want to go out and you do all you can to say no. You make up excuses about work or being tired, but really you just want to hand out with your new love.

  • You Have a New Name 5 of 13

    You lose your real first name for yourself and your partner. You will forever answer to "sweet pea", "love bug" or other equally nauseating, eye-rolling name.

  • You Touch… 6 of 13

    ... all the time. You're always holding hands, sitting crazy close to each other, hand on arms or legs or butt. The rare moments when you're not touching is likely just because one is temporarily away, like in the washroom.

  • You’re a Package 7 of 13

    No more can we call up one of you and not expect the other to show up, too. You become a packaged deal, needing to ask the other person if you're free or making sure you both okay the plans

  • Public Love Notes 8 of 13

    Social media makes those in love seem a little more gross than normal. All the love notes you send to each other via Facebook wall or Twitter for the whole world to see gets kind of nauseating.

  • Everything Is Perfect 9 of 13

    People who are newly in love always seem to make things appear just so darn perfect. If there are problems going on, we don't know about it and a picture is painted of the most perfect relationship ever.

  • Lame Gifts 10 of 13

    I admitted to doing this one and it's a trait of people in love. You celebrate all the things that to other people seem mundane and silly, but you rock out for your 3rd monthaversary!

  • Walk… So… Slow 11 of 13

    Have you ever been behind a couple on the sidewalk? Notice how slow they walk? It's because they're holding hands, happy, and taking in all the other beautiful sights -- even if they're making everyone else late.

  • They Try to Set You Up 12 of 13

    They can't stand a world where others are not as in love as they are. They assure you that they have the perfect person for you and they just want you to be as happy as they are.

  • Merge All Their Stuff 13 of 13

    You want to get in touch with your friend, but you find that she and her partner now have the same Facebook page, Twitter account, and even email address. It's hard to figure out sometimes who's talking to you, and that's annoying.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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