12 Romantic Date Ideas for Snowy Days

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Have you been snowed in all day today? The winter totally hit already, and there’s no doubt many of us are stuck indoors for having a snow day. I’m sitting inside right now with both a blizzard warning and a wind chill warning outside! I’m not much of an out-in-the-winter person anyway, so even if I wasn’t at risk of freezing to death going outside, I’d prefer to be indoors.

That’s not the case for all individuals or couples — some love those snowy days and find it a fun way to spend time with someone you love or a way to get to know someone you recently started dating. It’s gorgeous when the trees are covered in snow, plus the snow covered landscape is pretty romantic.

If you’re one of those people and you’re looking for some romantic date ideas for those snowier days, there are plenty to choose from that will keep you warm indoors or outside enjoying the scenery.


1. Hot Chocolate Picnic

Go to your favorite park or somewhere that the scenery is stunning! Take a thermos filled with hot chocolate, and have yourselves a picnic. Or even better — pack one of these hot chocolates on a stick!

2. Binge-Watch Netflix

If you’re like me and you don’t like going out in the cold and snow, stay indoors and binge-watch that TV show you’ve been dying to catch up on (like Big Little Lies!).

3. Make Snow Angels

When was the last time you made a snow angel? I bet it was forever ago! What better time to do them than on your snowy romantic date? Get creative, and see what other shapes you can make.

4. Snowman Competition

Who can build the best snowman? I love friendly competition dates because it adds a little something extra into the air.

5. Sledding

Make it a competition or find some romantic setting and go for a fun sled adventure.

6. Go Skating

There are bound to be skating rinks open, and if not, go make one together!

7. Build a Fort

You’ve got two options here: build a snow fort outside, or build an indoor fort like you would as a child.

8. Fireplace

Grab yourself a comfortable blanket, a great glass of red wine, and place yourselves in front of a comfortable fire. It’s so romantic!

9. Comfort Cooking

I love indoor dates where you’re both working on something together  — like a nice meal. Prepare together one of the best comfort foods that are just necessary on a cold day. I recommend these toasty grilled cheese roll-ups — yum!

10. Snow Painting

If you’re an artist or even if you’re an amateur the fresh snow provides the best canvas to show it off. All you need is some water, food coloring, and spray bottles to show off your skills.

11. Snowshoe Trails

Have you ever tried snowshoeing? Well, go out and give it a try with your partner, and walk the trails exploring the neighborhood and likely laughing along the way.

12. S’mores

What other time are s’mores more perfect than when you’re stuck indoors during a winter storm? You can make a fun date out of it by trying different variations of s’mores using different ingredients or try this no-mess s’mores cone hack.

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