12 Dream Dates to Take with Your Husband

Yesterday, I posted about my epic failures on the marriage and dating front. (Please see: Why Date Night Can Make You A Better Parent.)

I admitted that my husband and I really don’t go out on a lot of dates. We have our reasons, of course – like money is tight and our kids are crazy and we are just plain old lazy. But when it really comes down to it, it dawned on me the other day that maybe, just maybe, by refusing to date my husband, I am in essence doing a disservice to my kids.

Because after all, one of the best things a parent can do for their kids is love his or her spouse, right?

And with that thought, I have determined, in true Pinterest-inspired fashion, to make the commitment of an over-the-top, once-a-month date idea that I can take with my husband.

  • A year worth of dates. 1 of 13
    dates with husband featured pic
  • Rock climbing. 2 of 13

    This is a date that I totally planned for last month, and then epically failed at. I found an indoor rock climbing gym that offered lessons for beginner and even booked a babysitter. And then, on the morning that we were supposed to head, not so much. So maybe this month is the month! Maybe...?

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  • Wine tasting. 3 of 13

    My husband and I actually took a spontaneous day trip to a wine tasting on the west side of the state a few years ago - it was a gorgeous fall afternoon with colors blazing, crisp air, and delicious wine. We had so much fun, except for the fact that I was still breastfeeding our second daughter, meaning 1) I couldn't really drink that much without pumping and dumping and 2) breast pumps are kind of a romance mood killer. All in all, we had a great time last time and I'd love to redo this experience, leaving the ol' breast pump at home this time. I'm thinking fall would be a great time of year for a wine tasting date!

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  • Hiking. 4 of 13

    I imagine myself to be the sporty, outdoors type, when in reality, the most I've been outside today was to walk my daughter into school. Nonetheless, whenever I see commercials or pictures of happy couples breaking a sweat together with a smile on their faces and a beautiful view behind them, I vow that we too, can be the sporty and cute couple who hikes together. 

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  • Watch a meteor shower together. 5 of 13

    I imagine this date playing out so clearly in my head: my husband will wake me gently from my slumber, where I have fallen asleep gracefully and beautifully and not in my typical tangled hair and unattractive sliver of drool. I will awaken and we will sneak out in the lush darkness together, keeping close together for warmth as we watch the lights from the heavens blaze around us. It will feel like we are the only two in the world. 

    We'll see how that one goes. 

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  • A simple picnic under a tree. 6 of 13

    This one may sound silly, but when we were first dating, I planned a picnic for us that I still remember. It was nothing fancy, just a packed lunch under a tree at the park, but thinking back on it conjures up memories of young, hopeful love. It definitely is the simple moments that make up a relationship, and I can't think of anything better than just lounging under a tree with my husband and a picnic basket. 

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  • A snowy cabin retreat. 7 of 13

    Although I am not really a big fan of winter sports (one of my attempted dates with my husband was a disastrous skiing lesson...ouch!), I've always had a dream of renting some rustic cabin in the middle of nowhere and holing up against the snowy elements while we cuddled in front of a roaring fire. 

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  • Take a train ride. 8 of 13

    We live very near an Amtrak station and I've often daydreamed about hopping on the train together for a quick weekend getaway to the city. 

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  • Take a cooking class together. 9 of 13
    French Cooking Class

    My husband happens to be a really good cook, which is a nice perk of marriage, I must say. And I happen to love baking, so between the two of us, we make a decent spread. And we could probably stand to lose a couple pounds. But I've always wanted to take a real cooking class, complete with friendly flirting and teasing in our white aprons. 

    Image via Jeff Kubina/Flickr 

  • Go camping. 10 of 13

    Can you believe we've never been camping together? I can't either! And, in fact, with end-of-the-summer sales going on right now, maybe it's time for me to buy a tent and make this date a reality...

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  • Go RV’ing. 11 of 13

    On a related note, I've always wanted to go RV'ing across the country with the hubs. Granted, this is a bit more than a weekend date, so perhaps this will turn into a family getaway or a retirement date, but someday, I'd like to take our RV and visit some of our national parks. 

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  • Visit an art gallery. 12 of 13

    I have to admit that I can't really see my born-and-bred-on-a-farm husband getting into visiting an art gallery. But still, it's one of those sophisticated dates that I see as romantic in my head. It could be fun, right? 

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  • Do something he loves. 13 of 13

    I fully realize that most of these dates are all me, me, me. And generally, that's because I'm the planner in the relationship, something that works for both of us. (Meaning, I like to plan and my husband likes to have a plan. Match made in heaven.) However, I'd love to plan a date that would be all about him and something he enjoys. My husband is a woodworker, so I'd love to take him for a getaway to a woodworking show or exhibit. Something that is all about sharing in the excitement for his hobby. 

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