12 Little Things My Husband Does That Make Me Smile

What are you smiling for? My husband asks me that pretty regularly. Oftentimes, it is because he unknowingly does something that prompts me to smile. While his actions elicit smiles regularly, there are moments in which the effect they have on me is far greater. These are the moments in which I find myself struggling. Running on fumes as I go through the motions at the end of what felt like a stressful day, tackling what seems like a never-ending pile of laundry or dishes. Striving to meet a deadline or venturing out into the occasionally choppy waters of parenting and having the nerve to ask myself if I am cut out for this. (Of course I am. I was made for this. I was made to love these babies. To love him.) These little things he does have quite the impact. They are like an elixir, remedying the occasional weary and/or negative attitude, turning my frown upside down — reminding me that I no longer travel this road alone and that I haven’t traveled it alone in awhile. Suddenly I am reminded that surely there is always something to smile about. Here are a handful of the things that my husband does that make me grin.

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    These are some of the little things my husband does that make me smile.

  • Kisses me when he thinks I’m asleep. 2 of 13

    It's so sweet I wouldn't dare open my eyes. (Also: I do the same thing!)

  • Writes special notes he leaves for our daughter before leaving to work. 3 of 13

    Nothing makes her morning more than a love note from her daddy.

  • Tells me I can have the last cupcake even though I saved it for him. 4 of 13

    He knows that despite saving it for him, I probably wanted to eat it. Desserts are my weakness, and he gets it.

  • Asks me if I’d like to go on a date with him. 5 of 13

    It often takes me back to when we were dating. I think it's so cute when he asks me if I'd like to go on a date.

  • Watches me from the corner of his eye as I walk past. 6 of 13

    From time to time, I will catch my Mr. watching me. Clearly he thinks I've still got it going on! Holla!

  • Makes me glasses of water. 7 of 13

    Oftentimes my husband will fill up glasses of water and sit them on the counter for me to drink. He wants to ensure I'm drinking enough because he knows I get headaches when I don't.

  • Suggests topics for future blog posts. 8 of 13

    I love that my husband reads my words, but I also think it's sweet that he will sometimes give me suggestions on topics to consider writing about.

  • Asks questions about a favorite TV show of mine. 9 of 13

    I've shared that watching my favorite TV shows is one of the ways my husband tells me he loves me without saying it. I can't help but smile on the inside when he gets in bed while I'm watching Grey's Anatomy and inquires about one of the characters on the show.

  • Taps me when he hears my songs. 10 of 13

    Whether we are in church or out and about, if a song that has been declared as "my song" comes on, he taps me and says something.

  • Tells me I look beautiful. 11 of 13

    Hearing my husband tell me I'm beautiful causes me to morph into a giddy teenager. It is impossible to keep a straight face when he says such. I admit there was a time when I struggled to accept his compliments, but these days I'm learning to receive them.

  • Steps out of his comfort zone. 12 of 13

    There are so many instances when my husband has done something he wouldn't normally do to make me happy.  I can't help but smile at that 🙂

  • Loves on our babies. 13 of 13

    Whether he is helping with homework, dancing around the room, saying bedtime prayers, or rocking our little one in his arms, there is little I adore more than watching him interact with our daughters.

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