12 Signs You Definitely Have a Crush on That Person

Oh gosh, I can remember being 13 years old and having a hard crush on the popular boy in the grade above me in school. I was far too shy to really ever make anything of it, but I can still recall those awkward situations that came up when I realized I had a crush.

It’s not something that only happens in early teenage life though. If you’re single and you’ve just met someone for the first time, or maybe not even personally met, there are signs that you’ve developed a crush that may not be evident to you, but they are to us. And it’s totally cute, for the most part.

Click through and see 12 signs that you probably have a crush on that person, even if you don’t realize it yet:

  • 12 Signs You Definitely Have a Crush on That Person 1 of 13

    Even if you don't know it yet, others know and here's how:

  • You Talk About Them All The Time 2 of 13

    To your friends, to your co-workers, to anyone that would listen. And when they call you out on it, you deny, deny deny.

  • Doodle Their Name 3 of 13

    Yes, just like you did in middle school. If you catch yourself doing this -- there's no question!

  • You Stare 4 of 13

    They're just so easy on the eyes, right? If you catch yourself staring at your maybe-crush, the maybe is no longer there.

  • Red in the Face 5 of 13

    If you feel your face getting hot and flustered when someone brings up someone's name, it's a sign that you're totally into them.

  • You’ve Stalked 6 of 13

    Okay, so not the creepy illegal kind of stalking, but you have looked through all their Facebook albums and photos!

  • They Always Make You Smile 7 of 13

    If you find yourself smiling at almost everything a certain someone says, that's a big sign you're mega crushing!

  • Embarrassed When Looking Less-than Perfect 8 of 13

    Did you have a super bad hair day or no time for makeup? No worries, unless you get all embarrassed when you run into a certain someone (yes, you're crushing!).

  • You’re All Flustered 9 of 13

    If you find yourself all kinds of extra-awkward when they're around, like you're dropping things or running into doors, that fluster is due to your crush.

  • You Say Too Much or Not Enough 10 of 13

    Depending on how you react to those flusters and stress, if you find that you're talking a LOT or you're beginning to wonder if you know how to talk, both are reactions to having a "conversation" with your crush.

  • You Bring Up Their Name 11 of 13

    If you find yourself looking for any excuse to say their name or "accidentally" running into them, both are pretty clear signs!

  • You’re Adamant About Not Liking Them 12 of 13

    If you're trying to convince other's that those signs they're seeing are not real, you're crushing.

  • You Smiled Your Way Through These 13 of 13

    If you've found yourself smiling your way through these points with one person in mind and nodding in agreement -- go ask them out, because you've got a crush!

:: What are some signs you’ve noticed that someone is totally crushing? Share in the comments! ::

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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