12 Things I Miss About Dating

Sure, life as a married woman is wonderful (most of the time), but I have to confess, there are some things I miss about dating…

  • It was carefree. 1 of 13

    I'm not saying we never fought, but man, oh, man it was nice to not *have* to worry about anything more pressing than "chicken or fish?" 

    Photo credit: That would be us, in our skinnier, dating days. Sigh. 

  • Me time was guilt-free. 2 of 13

    Me time wasn't something you had to work for, it was something that just happened naturally. You didn't necessarily have to schedule life around a partner and work and family responsibilities, and there was some freedom in that. 

    Photo: Yes, that's how I like to spend my "me" time, ok? 

  • We were kid-free! 3 of 13

    Granted, not everyone's marriage automatically equates to life with children, but for us, that's definitely been the case. Three in four years, to be exact. And while I wouldn't trade life as a parent for anything, there was a sweet simplicity to life before kids, just us against the world. 

    Photo: 2 out of 3 of our munchkins. 

  • Making out. 4 of 13

    Oh my gosh, tell me you're with me on this one—sneaking around, catching breathless kisses, make-out sessions on the couch? I'm sorry, but that was just plain fun

    Photo: Yup, you guessed it, us again!

  • Back roads. 5 of 13

    There may have been one unfortunate incident where my boyfriend veered off the back road into the ditch. Everyone makes fun of us for that one, and although I swear to you, nothing happened, that's all I'm going to say about that one…

    Photo: ianmunroe via Flickr

  • Getting dressed up. 6 of 13

    I know it's ridiculous, because I should want to look my best for the people I love the most, but working from home with three kids five and under has turned me into a stereotypical frumpy mom. I miss the feeling of taking time in my appearance, seeing my boyfriend's appraising reaction, and feeling sexy and beautiful for him. Also, the street goes both ways here, because once in a while, it's nice to know we are dressing up for each other, not just people we work with. 

    Photo: Ok, ok, so sometimes, I dressed down, but again, I was skinnier back then! Work it, past Chaunie!

  • A nice car. 7 of 13

    When we were dating, my husband took special care in his truck, washing and even waxing his car weekly. Every time he picked me up, it was pristine and shining. Now, we're lucky if we can get in without getting Cheerios stuck to our butt and hoping we get enough rain to wash the mud off. 

    Photo: likeredner via Flickr

  • Seeing a movie at a real time in a real theater. 8 of 13

    Right now it's either the senior special or the teen midnight showing if we have any hope of finding a babysitter. And can you say Redbox or Netflix streaming? I love a good movie night on the couch as much as the next girl, but there was something so magical about touching hands in the popcorn bowl...

    Photo: Adorbs. 

  • The element of surprise. 9 of 13

    Dating to me felt a lot more adventurous than married life. Yes, there is nothing that can compare to knowing I have a partner in life and someone to come home to every night, but I do miss the adventurous spirit of dating. It was more about, "what can we do tonight?" instead of, "what should we watch tonight?" I loved planning dates and surprising him with fun activities, picnic lunches, and sweet gestures. Flowers, anyone?

  • The sexy anticipation. 10 of 13

    What's greater than looking forward to a hot date all day long? I miss the sexy phone calls, looking forward to going out, the primping and anticipation of it all. 

  • Missing him. 11 of 13

    It sounds crazy, but a little part of me misses missing my man. We spent a few summers apart, I studied abroad, and we had crazy work and school schedules. But I have to admit, there was some fun in missing him so much and then finally getting to be together. 

    Photo credit: Bruce Mcay Yellow Snow Photography via Flickr

  • But life is better now. 12 of 13

    When it comes right down to it, as my husband said on the drive to the dentist when I trapped him long enough to give me ideas for this piece, "Sure, it was fun, but there really isn't too much I really miss about dating, because life is so much better now."




    And I have to agree. I almost added "laughter" and "fun" to this list, but when I really thought about it, we still do laugh (albeit, at each other, but nonetheless) and have a lot of fun together. But still, I think a date and here and there wouldn't hurt us. Hear that, hubs? 

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