12 Things You Should Never Say During a Fight

Getting into a fight (well, argument) is never fun, but when you’re in a relationship with someone and you’re still learning the boundaries and the best way to communicate with each other, it’s bound to happen. It’s even likely going to happen in long-term relationships when you feel like you’ve worked both of those things out.

People can’t get along all the time and there will be a time or two that an argument comes up in even the most loving and caring relationships. It’s all about how you communicate your grievances and how well the other party listens.

Fighting with your partner is never fun or wanted, but it’s bound to happen once in a while. If you find yourself in that situation, there are 12 things you should try to avoid saying while in the heat of the argument:

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    Fighting is not fun, but you'll take it to a whole new level of not fun if you say one of these phrases.

  • I Want a Divorce 2 of 13

    Those are pretty strong words and especially when said in the heat of an argument, they can sting pretty hard. It's not a decision that should be spouted out like that -- especially if you don't really mean it.

  • I’m Not Mad 3 of 13

    Passive-aggressive arguing is not good for any relationship, and if you really are mad or upset -- then say it. People can't read minds.

  • You’re Just Like Your Mother/Father 4 of 13

    That's like a double insult and it's not at all constructive to any argument.

  • You Never Used to Be Like This 5 of 13

    People change and while that's true, a statement like this is not constructive to any fight.

  • Why Can’t You Be More Like … 6 of 13

    Comparing your partner to someone else is hurtful, unproductive and unrealistic.

  • I Really Don’t Care 7 of 13

    If your partner comes to you with an issue or problem and you tell them that you don't care -- that's a pretty strong statement that may show you're no longer interested.

  • This is All Your Fault 8 of 13

    Playing that blame game is not ever a productive statement to an argument. If you believe that whatever is going on is a result of them not listening, be more clear about that. General statements can leave too much for interpretation.

  • I Hate You 9 of 13

    These are strong words that sting and should not be said.

  • You’re Such An …. 10 of 13
    Name-calling is not a productive thing in any conversation and nothing will get solved or resolved if it's reached that point.
  • You’ve Upset the Kids Now 11 of 13

    You're both arguing and if you've made a promise not to make it so your kids can hear -- you both need to stick to that. Don't bring the kids into your argument in order to make someone feel bad.

  • Why Are You So Mad? 12 of 13

    That sounds like you're not listening to what your partner is trying to say or you're not being open to what they are saying. If you just listened for a minute, I bet you'd understand.

  • This Is So Like You 13 of 13

    No one is perfect and if you have unrealistic expectations of your partner, you will frame all your experiences with that light which is not at all helpful.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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