12 Ways to Foster Intimacy In Your Marriage

When you think of the word “intimacy,” you may only think of the closeness that happens in the bedroom. When it comes to marriage, it can mean a whole lot more than just that, and it’s important to the health of your relationship. It can keep you connected when life gets busy, when changes happen, or when you are stressed to the max, all which happen in each marriage from time-to-time.

It’s not always easy to stay connected with your partner, especially when we’re all pulled in many different directions. Having a strong relationship with a healthy amount of intimacy can make those harder times easier when you know you have a soft place to fall. The non-bedroom activities can help keep the two of you going strong during those hard times and make connecting much easier.

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    It can help build a strong foundation for a long-lasting, happy relationship.

  • Be Present 2 of 13

    Put down the phone and turn off the TV once in a while. Really be present in the moment when your partner is talking and make sure you have time each day without technology distractions.

  • Make Eye Contact 3 of 13

    It's easy to get distracted and have our attention on many different things, but eye contact means a lot in a relationship. It helps you feel connected, read the emotions behind the words, and just feels intimate.

  • Be Supportive 4 of 13

    We all need someone who's in our corner and when it comes to your partner, they should be first in line. Be supportive of their dreams, goals, and concerns and expect the same from them too. That comfort will help the intimacy grow.

  • Be Affectionate 5 of 13

    Give hugs and kisses and hold hands. When my husband and I are out together we still hold hands 14 years later and it helps us really feel connected.

  • Laugh Together 6 of 13

    Laughing is great medicine and being able to laugh with your partner can make the love grow. Plus, it just feels good to laugh at least once a day.

  • Surprise Them 7 of 13

    Leave a love note, send them flowers, plan a date all out of surprise. Knowing that someone is thinking of you can really make you feel special in the eye of the person who sent the gift.

  • Plan a Night Together 8 of 13

    It doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate, but just an evening in watching tv, having wine, and spending time together can really go a long way in building that intimate relationship.

  • Do Something New 9 of 13

    There is nothing like the thrill of trying something new. Something neither of you have done that you can both laugh with, have fun, and maybe make it a new shared hobby.

  • Listen to Each Other 10 of 13

    We have days where we just need to vent and that venting can really help ease the stress and put things in perspective. When talking with your partner, make sure you really listen -- problems and all and you will see your love grow.

  • Encourage Each Other 11 of 13

    Encouragement is such a powerful tool -- it can change someone's perspective and make life happier. Encourage your partner to stick to their goals, try new things, and that can be more intimate than you may know.

  • Let Go of Expectations 12 of 13

    Those expectations of who you want your partner to be can really get in the way of your intimacy. Love them for who they are if you're generally happy and you will see both of you feeling happier.

  • Deal With Conflict 13 of 13

    Even the best and strongest marriages have conflict -- it's going to happen and that's okay. If you want to keep your intimacy through your conflicts, settle them quickly. Stay away from the passive-aggressive remarks and use your great communication skills to come to a resolution you are both comfortable with. 

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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