13 Great Ideas for Your Next Group Date Night

The other weekend my husband and I met up with some friends for dinner and a movie. For as long as I’ve known him and his friends, double dates were always their thing. Years later nothing has changed with the exception of the fact that they are harder to plan now that almost everyone has children.

Although I love having one on one time with my guy getting together with other couples is always a lot of fun. It is a chance to reconnect with friends, engage in adult conversations and have fun. Being around other couples can also be uplifting. There is something wonderful about surrounding yourself with people who value marriage and commitment just as you do. And during bathroom conversations with other wives you get a chance to be reminded that the challenges that you face are not exclusive to just you and your spouse. Nope, your husband isn’t the only husband who thinks you baby the kids too much. Take a look at 13 great ideas for your next double (or group) date night.

  • 13 of the Best Ideas for Your Next Group Date Night 1 of 14
    13 Great Ideas for Your Next Group Date Night

    Are you a fan of double and group dates? Here are 13 ideas to consider when planning your next group date night. (photo credit: personal photo)

  • Host a game night 2 of 14

    A couple friends of ours are notorious for hosting game nights. They've got quite the competitive streak. Although at times games can get a little intense, a game night is a fun way to get together without having to spend a lot of money. In case you need some ideas here are thirteen! (photo credit: Bailey Weaver via Flickr)

  • Go skating 3 of 14

    Roller skating or ice skating is a fun group activity. Hold hands with your spouse and cruise around the rink. Afterwards sip on hot cocoa. The best part about skating with someone you love? Someone to help you up if you find you're a little rusty and end up falling a few times. (photo credit: James Lee via Flickr ) 

  • Dinner and a movie 4 of 14
    HisMrsHerMr roscoes

    Dinner (or dessert) and a movie is our go to group date outing. We typically try to see the movie first and talk about it over dinner. For some people group movie dates are awkward particularly when it comes to seating but for us movie dates are always a lot of fun (more movie snacks to share!). (photo credit: personal photo)

  • Go geocaching 5 of 14

    Babble blogger Jackie shared this idea and it certainly sounds like a lot of fun! Geocaching is something I heard about earlier this year but with a little research I've come to see that it's even bigger than I realized. What is Geocache you ask? It's sort of a scavenger hunt. According to; "Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location."  (photo credit: cachemania via Flickr)

  • Go kart racing 6 of 14

    Start your engines! Going kart racing can be a lot of fun. It lends itself to a little friendly competition but tends to be fun for everyone. (photo credit: Gail Frederick via Flickr )

  • Play miniature golf 7 of 14

    If you are into activities that are slower paced, miniature golfing is a great option. (photo credit: Jim and Rachel McArthur via Flicker)

  • Go wine tasting 8 of 14

    Schedule a wine tasting tour at a vineyard or winery. (photo credit: Julie, Dave and Family via Flickr )

  • Plan a weekend getaway 9 of 14

    Plan an overnight or weekend getaway at a cabin or hip hotel. Rent a van or SUV and travel to your destination together. Before you leave stop to pick up a few souvenirs for the kids. (photo credit: Thor via Flickr )

  • Take a class 10 of 14

    Take a group cooking class and learn some new recipes or sign up for a dance class and learn some new moves. Many places offer special group rates. (photo credit: Jeff Kubina via Flickr )

  • Go bowling 11 of 14

    Bowling tends to be a popular choice for group outings. Even if you aren't the greatest bowler doing it with a group of friends makes it more fun. (photo credit: Battle Creek CVB via Flickr )

  • Visit an amusement park 12 of 14
    HisMrsHerMr 6

    Who says you can only go to the amusement park with the kids? One year a group of us went to Magic Mountain for a friend's birthday. We spent the afternoon riding roller coasters and snacking on theme park food. We talked as we stood in lines, laughed at the photos taken of us on the rides and enjoyed being able to forgo the kiddie rides for one day. (photo credit: personal photo)

  • Go to a concert 13 of 14

    If you and your friends love music get a group together and attend a live concert. Bonus points for carpooling and listening to the artist's songs on the way there (you know, to help those who aren't as familiar learn the words so they can sing along too.) (photo credit: Karen Roe via Flickr )

  • Karaoke 14 of 14

    Head out to a bar or karaoke night and challenge each couple to a duet with their spouse. (photo credit: Grant/visual.dichotomy via Flickr )

What are some of your favorite things to do during a double or group date night?



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