14 Common and Ridiculous Wedding Superstitions

There are superstitions about everything — unlucky dates to the color of the cat that just walked past you! There is no real easy way to trace back where these ideas came from. There are everyday superstitions and then there are wedding superstitions, just to make that day a little more stressful for you, if you believe in that sort of thing.

I don’t really believe in superstitions. I can’t say I don’t believe in any of them because if you’re with me outside and we pass a penny on the street, I will stop to pick it up. However, when I got married, I wasn’t overly concerned with the bad omen’s that people talk about when it comes to your wedding day. There are a lot of common superstitions out there though when it comes to weddings and most of them I happen to think are a little on the ridiculous side, especially if you’re stressing yourself to the max worrying about them.

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    wedding superstitions

    I am not really a believer, but in case you are -- here are some common wedding superstitions. 

  • Don’t Put it All On 2 of 15

    It's considered bad luck if you put your whole wedding getup on before your big day. You can put the dress on and maybe the veil, but don't put the shoes on as well. It's also said to be bad for your groom to see your dress before the big day, so hide it well.

  • Nature is Your Friend 3 of 15

    Okay, so you're likely to let out a huge scream (I know, I would), but if you find a spider in your wedding dress on your wedding day, that's a sign of good luck,

  • Don’t Shop On Friday 4 of 15

    I am guessing because of the whole bad luck thing with Friday the 13th, it's considered bad luck to go shopping for your wedding rings on any Friday. Better to stick to other days of the week.

  • Don’t Wear Your Rings 5 of 15

    So, now that you've got your rings purchased, it's considered bad luck to wear your rings before your ceremony. No matter how pretty your new wedding band is.

  • Don’t Drop The Ring 6 of 15

    If you drop the ring at your ceremony before you've placed it on your bride or groom's finger, it's said to be a very bad sign of what's to come to your marriage.

  • Rain, Rain Go Away 7 of 15

    This one we've heard time and time again and I say as long as you've got a weather back-up plan, you're probably fine.

  • Keep the Candles Lit 8 of 15

    If you have real candles at your wedding ceremony or reception and they're blown out either by someone or the wind, it's said to be very bad luck. A sign that evil spirits are near and going to cause some troubles.

  • Give it a Cry 9 of 15

    Now, good luck signs come from superstitions too and if you're a bride and crying on your wedding day, that's a good omen.

  • Eat the Cake 10 of 15

    If you have a wedding cake, it's better luck for you if all your guests have a bite.

  • Don’t Marry in May 11 of 15

    "Get married in May and you'll rue the day." I don't know why because it's a gorgeous month for weather, but you know...

  • Bad Luck Bride 12 of 15

    If the bride is on route to the wedding ceremony and she sees a funeral procession it is said to bring bad luck to her marriage.

  • No Engagement Ring? 13 of 15

    If a woman is without an engagement ring, superstitions say that she will be unfaithful in marriage.

  • Last Names Matter 14 of 15

    If you're marrying someone who's surname starts with the same letter as yours, apparently that's bad luck. The bigger the change, the better.

  • Day of the Wedding 15 of 15

    It used to be said that getting married on Saturday was not good luck, but since so many marriages happen on Saturday's now, I don't think this one is bothered with too much.

:: what other marriage superstitions do you know? ::

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