14 Days of Love: Prelude to Valentine’s Day

Earlier I wrote about another “big day” coming this Sunday, but in a couple of weeks is the big day for love and relationships. Yep, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but we don’t have to wait until then to show love in our relationship. How about a little Valentine’s Day foreplay, or a prelude to Valentine’s Day.


This idea was inspired by YourTango’s 30 days of love. Use the next 14 days of love to set up a great Valentine’s Day experience for you both. Each day do one action to express your love. Each day will be something different that you choose based on one of the themes shared below. I can almost guarantee that if you show love consistently over the next 14 days, your spouse, your boyfriend, your significant other will know they are loved!

The results will come by being consistent. And the best part is you don’t have to stop at 14 days! I encourage you to keep going and make it a happen.

So, here we go!

  1. Find out their love language, and do something for them according to their love language.
  2. Don’t say one negative thing to or about your spouse today, and keep it up over the remaining days of the 14 days of love.
  3. Buy their favorite candy and give it to them with a note saying why you are their favorite.
  4. Forgive them for something they did and you haven’t let go of, and let them know you forgive them
  5. Surprise them with something. A random gift, a random kiss, or some random act of kindness.
  6. Break out the massage oil and give them a massage. If they want to do more, then do more. If that is all they want, then don’t try to go further than the massage.
  7. Do their household chores or work for them today.
  8. Come home one day, and dock your phone and every other device you have and give him/her your 100% undivided attention.
  9. Break out some old pictures of you two and share with them why the pic(s) you chose mean something to you.
  10. Take them to have their favorite dish, or cook their favorite dish yourself (if you can cook!)
  11. Tell him/her why you love being in a relationship with them.
  12. Buy them something really nice
  13. Take them to do their favorite thing.
  14. Spend all day with them on Valentine’s Day, or at least as much of the day as you can.

What will you do first for your 14 days of love: prelude to Valentine’s Day? Please share below.

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