14 Instagram Users to Follow for Love Inspiration

Instagram has been a fun and simple way for me to document my family’s journey. Whether it is sharing an amazing eat, a milestone accomplished by one of my children, or a selfie of me and my husband, I have come to love this social media platform. But I don’t just love it because it has given me a means to chronicle my journey. I also love it because it has allowed me to connect with tons of amazing and inspiring people, and get a glimpse into their journeys.

Instagram has become my go-to destination for fabulous finds, sweet photos of little ones, and inspiration. And the best part about the inspiration is it comes in all facets including love and marriage inspiration. The following Instagram accounts are amongst my favorite places on Instagram to garner inspiration of the love kind. Take a look at these 14 Instagram users, and find out why I find them absolutely inspiring!

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    Love inspiration can be found all around, even on Instagram! Take a look at a few Instagram accounts you should be following!

  • Ryan and Selena (@fiercemarriage) 2 of 15

    Ryan and Selena of Fierce Marriage are a sweet couple who are all about encouraging other couples. They don't believe in a "Plan B" and are all about making marriage work. I love that their words incorporate faith with lessons such as "A lasting marriage always begins with an enduring friendship." These two inspire you to love fiercely. They also are a reminder of the gift marriage truly is.


    Follow Ryan and Selena on Instagram @fiercemarriage


    (Photo Credit: @jeffkmarsh)

  • McKay (@oatmeallace) 3 of 15

    I first "met" McKay of Oatmeal Lace on Etsy. She created the most beautiful clutches for my wedding party and was such a joy to work with. I've watched as her business and family has grown and am grateful to have met her. While a large amount of her feed has photos related to her business and her ADORABLE son, there are also some photos of her and her husband, and the three of them sprinkled throughout. What I love most about the photos with her and her husband is that they are always all smiles. And the smiles aren't just your average "cheese" smile. They are big, bright and a reflection of how much they love being together. These two really have fun as a couple and will inspire you to do the same (and smile more of course!)


    Follow McKay on Instagram @oatmeallace

  • Ilana (@MommyShorts) 4 of 15

    Ilana of Babble and the well-known blog Mommy Shorts is a must-follow on Instagram. Not just because of the beautiful love story between her two daughters #MazzyandHarlow but because she is hilariously funny. She will also remind you that you are so not alone. Nope, you are not the only one who desires to have more time with your spouse. This year she shared on IG that her #1 New Year's resolution was to start dating her husband again. I'm totally with her on this one and do love seeing pictures of her and her husband together, and can't wait to see more of their adventures this year!


    Follow Ilana on Instagram @mommyshorts

  • Jacin (@lovelydetails) 5 of 15

    Jacin of Lovely Little Details provides followers with tons of wedding eye candy. Beautiful photos from her work as a wedding planner, stylists and floral designers fill her feed. As do glowing brides and happy grooms. If you look closely you'll even see some lovely photos of Jacin and her husband, who supports her as she pursues her "dreams and goals." In one of her posts Jacin shared that as a business owner, she has learned the importance of making time for what "makes your heart happy," with one example spending time with her husband. Her feed is a reminder that you can pursue your dreams and still make your marriage a priority.


    Follow Jacin on Instagram @lovelydetails

  • Lauren (@thelittlethingswedo) 6 of 15

    Lauren writes here at Babble and on her blog The Little Things We Do. She and her husband Craig are a couple you'd want to hang out with — they're down-to-earth and a lot of fun! They have a sweet love story and are quite sweet on each other. It is evident that Lauren adores her husband just as much today as she did 12 years ago (they met 12 years ago and have been married for 6!) They remind you to not forget about the little things — for example, Craig is always making special drinks for Lauren. While I am sure he does other things too, this is a small and sweet gesture that she really appreciates. As the quote says, sometimes "the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."


    Follow Lauren on Instagram @thelittlethingswedo

  • Ronnie and Lamar (@BlackandMarried) 7 of 15

    Ronnie and Lamar of Babble Voices and creators of the award-winning site Black and Married with Kids are fun to follow on Instagram. Not only do they share some of their adventures as a couple and what they are working on behind the scenes at Tyler New Media, but they also share words of encouragement and inspiration. They work hard and support each other in everything they do. These two are a beautiful example of the importance of teamwork in a marriage.


    Follow Ronnie and Lamar on Instagram @blackandmarried

  • Vanessa (@Desumama) 8 of 15

    Vanessa of De Su Mama is all about building a legacy for her children. The legacy she is creating is a beautiful one, and her photos come together to tell a sweet story. And perhaps one of the sweetest parts of that story is the love between her and her husband. Something tells me that her children will one day light up as they look at photos of their parents. I love that Vanessa doesn't just post family pictures but that she also posts pictures of her and her husband. I also love that she was able to turn a work-related trip into a chance for her and her husband to have some alone time together. Even sweeter was the fact that she was so excited about it!


    Follow Vanessa on Instagram @desumama

  • Jen (@madebygirl) 9 of 15

    I first discovered who Jen Ramos of Made by Girl was when one of her beautiful prints made its way into my home. I had followed her on Twitter and read her blog, so I was happy when she joined the Instagram community. Scroll through pretty images of art and décor, and you will stumble upon photos of Jen and her husband, Mat. These two are devoted to one another, and I love that they aren't afraid of a little PDA! I enjoy seeing them embarking on adventures around the city together and the delicious foods her husband cooks for her.



    Follow Jen on Instagram @madebygirl

  • Charity (@TheWordofaNerd) 10 of 15

    Charity of The Word of a Nerd loves being a wife. It is evident in her posts on Instagram and on her blog. But if you look closely it's pretty clear her husband loves having her as his wife. A more recent picture proves that romance never gets old and that love notes aren't strictly reserved for paper (look closely! There's a message written by her husband in the snow!)


    Follow Charity on Instagram @thewordofanerd

  • Andrea (@andrea_bookscout) 11 of 15

    Andrea, author of the blog Book-Scout, is one of the sweetest, most beautiful people I've "met" via social media. In her Instagram bio she describes herself as a "librarian turned bookseller turned SAHM. Restaurant wife." Look at photos of Andrea's husband, and it is clear that she loves her guy. Her feed is a reminder to be your spouse's biggest cheerleader and supporter. Not only does she support him when it comes to the restaurant, but it is pretty obvious that she thinks he's the bee's knees. Also especially adorable and awesome is the fact that these two met when she was just 15 and started dating a year later. True story.


    Follow Andrea on Instagram @andrea_bookscout

  • Rhiannon (@HeyGorgEvents) 12 of 15

    Pretty photos, cute couples, a precious pup and countless odes to love and how grand it can be. Rhiannon of Hey Gorgeous Events is an event planner, designer and "connoisseur of beautiful blooms." Not only does she seem to love what she does, but she's great at it. Her photos just might have you feeling like wedding season is the best season!


    Follow Rhiannon on Instagram @heygorgevents


    (Photo Credit: @shalynnelson)

  • Sera (@MulberryPressCo) 13 of 15

    Sera is the lovely lady behind Mulberry Press Co. In fact, some of her work was featured here at Babble, and it was one of her cards that I gave to my Mr. on his birthday! Occasionally Sera will post a photo of her and her husband (these two are the cutest!), but she also drops some sweet words of wisdom on her followers. What I love about many of these words is the fact that they can apply to marriage, too. Some of my recent faves include "Strive for progress, not perfection" and "If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find excuses."


    Follow Sera on Instagram @mulberrypressco

  • How About We (@HowAboutWe) 14 of 15

    Want to plan a date but feel like you could use a little inspiration? Head over to the dating and couple's experience site How About We's Instagram feed. Date night inspiration is all over this feed. They post photos of couples out on dates. One look and you'll feel inspired to plan a date night (or two) with your spouse.


    Follow How About We on Instagram @howaboutwe

  • Krishann (@hismrshermr) 15 of 15

    So I totally debated including myself in this roundup, but I do post photos of me and my Mr. on my Instagram feed, and, well, since you're here...for those of you that know me, my story is one of second chances. This is my second marriage, and my guy and I are going the distance.


    Follow me on Instagram @hismrshermr

These are just 14 of the best places to find love and inspiration on Instagram. Would you believe me if I told you there were more? Yes, there is a whole lot of loving happening over on Instagram. A reminder that love is all around us.

My hope is that you will be inspired by each of these users while at the same time remembering that your love is also a beautiful love. Filter or #nofilter, it’s all in how you look at it!

Do you have any favorite Instagram users that offer love inspiration?


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