14 Ways to Become More Physically Fit With Your Spouse

While there are some pros and cons to working out with your spouse should the two of you decide it’s right for your marriage, there are a ton of things you can do. The benefits of engaging in a regular exercise regimen can significantly benefit your marriage and depending on your relationship dynamics the time spent working out together and living a more healthy lifestyle just might strengthen your marriage and your muscles.

Here are 14 ways to become more physically fit with your spouse:

  • 14 Ways to Become More Physically Fit With Your Spouse 1 of 15
    14 Ways to Become More Physically Fit With Your Spouse

    Click through to find out 14 things you can do to become more physically fit with your spouse!

  • Make Out 2 of 15
    close up portrait of young caucasian couple kissing

    According to Woman's Day, kissing has the ability to burn calories, especially "vigorous" kissing.

  • Go to the Farmers Market 3 of 15

    Visit the Farmers Market or go grocery shopping together and stock up on some fresh foods.

  • Dine at Home 4 of 15

    If you cook and eat at home you may be more likely to eat more healthy meals and smaller portions.

  • Have Sex 5 of 15
    Couple feet poking out at the bottom of the bed

    Sex is another way to burn off calories. According to Woman's Day, sex can result in the burning of  144 + calories!

  • Go for a Run 6 of 15

    Lace up your tennis shoes and head out for a run. Get a little competitive and race or run side by side encouraging one another to keep going. If you find you enjoy running consider signing up for a race. It doesn't have to be an full marathon, just something the two of you can work towards and accomplish together as a team.

  • Take an Exercise Class Together 7 of 15

    There are tons of work out classes that can provide both men and women with a great workout. Consider signing up for a spin or yoga class together.

  • Go Swimming 8 of 15
    brand new swimming pool on a sunny summer day

    Now that it's so hot outside swimming is a great way to get a full body workout as well as some relief from the heat.

  • Join the Gym 9 of 15

    Find a gym with a daycare and make an effort to work out together a couple times a week.

  • Go for a Hike 10 of 15

    Head for the trails and go for a hike.

  • Watch an Exercise Video 11 of 15
    Man holding woman's feet down as she does sit-up exercises.

    Wake up early before work and workout in your living room.

  • Go on a Walk 12 of 15
    Silhouettes of happy parents walking with stroller on the seacoast

    Enjoy the extended daylight that comes with summer and take your baby and your dog and head out for a walk. Or, if you are going on a date park the car and pick someplace where you can do a lot of walking such as a pier or an outdoor promenade.

  • Go Dancing 13 of 15

    Hit the dance floor and burn some calories there. Try a sexy dance that involves a lot of movement such as salsa.

  • Ride Bicycles 14 of 15

    Ride bicycles along the beach or go mountain bike riding. Going on a date? Consider riding to your destination.

  • Eat Breakfast Together 15 of 15

    Get up early enough to share what is considered the "most important meal of the day." Set the tone for your day by eating a nutritious breakfast.


These are just 14 ways to become more physically fit with your spouse. What are some things you do to get more physically fit with your spouse?


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