14 Ways to Show Your Partner Love Without Saying It

Let’s face it, we’re all busy people. Between work and kids and driving around, there sometimes leaves little time for our partner. That’s when we see the troubled times where the two once-madly-in-love partners begin to feel more like roommates than lovers. No one wants that to happen and like anything, our partnership needs our time, attention and, love.

I, myself am not a “lovey” person. I don’t naturally say the words all the time and lately, I have been kind of off the extra cuddle attention. I have a bit of an excuse being in the first trimester of pregnancy and sick all the time, but truth is, that extra strain on me puts an extra strain on my marriage.

Even though I am busy, preoccupied with my hard-to-manage pregnancy symptoms and still not really comfortable with saying those three words (you know, “I love you”), there are ways I can make sure my partner knows how I feel. They say that actions speak louder than words and I am true believer in that statement. When it comes to showing our partner love, that statement is true as well because there are some pretty obvious ways to show you love your partner without necessarily saying it every day.

  • 14 Ways to Show Your Partner Love Without Saying It 1 of 15

    You don't always have to say it for your partner to know it. Here are 14 ways you can show your partner you love them because actions speak louder than words. 

  • Laugh At Their Bad Jokes 2 of 15

    One of my favorite things about my partner is his ability to both make terrible jokes (puns are my favorite) and laugh at mine.

  • Plan a Date From Start to Finish 3 of 15

    Especially when you're both parents, planning a date can be a lot of work. From finding the time where both of your schedules are free to finding someone (affordable) to babysit, it can be a lot of work. Show your partner you love them by taking care of all those little things that need to be worked out and then plan a whole date. Doesn't have to be spectacular or extravagant.

  • Snuggle Close While Watching TV 4 of 15

    Don't do what these two in the photo are doing. If you're both watching TV together, snuggle in close and make it more special.

  • Cook a Meal 5 of 15

    I love to cook a meal for my husband and providing him with a home-cooked, healthy meal is one of the ways I show him that I love him. If you do this for your partner, it will no doubt, show them the same thing.

  • Use Your Manners 6 of 15

    You don't want to start treating your partner like the some random person you don't care about. While I think sometimes couples get comfortable with each other, do make sure you show respect and use those manners. Say "please" and "thank you" and "excuse me" where necessary.

  • Do Something Your Partner Hates to Do 7 of 15

    I hate (and I mean, really hate) cleaning the bathrooms. One way I know my husband really loves me is when he does this himself so I don't have to. Not only does it show me that he cares to help me out, but it shows me that he knows me well enough to know how much I hate doing it myself.

  • Text Them A Little Note 8 of 15

    I often text my husband when we're both at work and just tell him that I am thinking of him or that I miss him. It's nice to know that even when you're apart and busy, that you're still on their minds.

  • Bring Soup When They’re Sick 9 of 15

    When I am sick, nothing shows me my husband loves me more than when he takes care of me. He will make sure I am comfortable, have medicine and brings me food and drinks when needed. It really makes me feel well-loved.

  • Listen When They’re Upset 10 of 15

    We are all stressed and have troubles with this or that and venting can help make you feel so much better. One way to show your partner that you love them is to listen, like really listen when they're needing to vent.

  • Hold Their Hand 11 of 15

    I love to hold my husband's hand when we're out in public or just sitting at home. It's something we've always done -- since we started dating 14 years ago and one of the easy ways I know he loves me.

  • Give Compliments 12 of 15

    Make sure you take time to notice your partner. Compliment them on a good job (parents need to hear this every now and then), comment on their hair or eyes or how much their smile brightens up the room.

  • Hug and Hug Tightly 13 of 15

    Nothing makes you feel better than a tight hug from your partner, especially when it's out of the blue. It makes us feel good and close and you don't even need to say a word.

  • Ask How Their Day Was 14 of 15

    Taking an interest in your partners life, asking how their day was and you know, really listening can go a long way in making your partner feel special and loved.

  • Leave Little Love Notes 15 of 15

    Write "you're cute" on the bathroom mirror when the shower steam covers it. Leave a note by the coffee maker saying you've set it all up for them. Place a message in the car saying you already miss them. These simple and small things can really do a lot for showing the love.

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