15 Personal Ads That Will Make You Smile

If you think about it, there have probably been tens of millions of personal ads posted in newspapers and magazines, and on bulletin boards or on the internet down through the years.

That’s a lot of people looking for love, huh?

It ‘s always fiercely entertaining to read the best of these ads, too. I  find myself fascinated with just how clever or touching some of them can be, or how comical or sarcastic. See, no matter how different people are all over the world, there is one thing that still unites us in a very common way, and that’s the fact that each and every one of us, no matter how messed-up or burned we have been in the past, we all still want to love and be loved more than just about anything in the world.

And judging by a few of these classic classifieds, sometimes our search for it drives us straight up a wall.

So, I decided to scour the internet to find some of the very best personal ads that have ever been recorded. Some of them were meant to be funny or creative or downright ridiculous, while others seem so intriguing because they have no idea just how cool they actually are.

Personal ads: with just a few written words (and a billion unwritten ones), each of them tells one hell of a tale.


  • ‘Looks not important’ 1 of 15

    This guy doesn't care about looks at all. Except, yes he does.


  • What the …?! 2 of 15

    Ladies, if you want true love you need to dig the outdoors and be well versed in cloning.


  • Donor Love 3 of 15

    This is so cool. I'm hoping against hope that they ended up together.


  • Victorian Honesty 4 of 15

    You have to love how straight forward and well-spoken this old personal ad was. I wonder if he ever found his 'Sugar Mama'?


  • Down the Middle 5 of 15

    Hey, at least you know where this fellow is coming from when it comes to the financial stuff.


  • Bittersweet 6 of 15

    Yikes. Someone's not messing around.


  • I Smell Love 7 of 15

    Question: Do personal ads get much better than this? Answer: No, they sure don't.




  • Street Brilliance 8 of 15

    Is it real? Would you ever show up? Would he? I hope the answer to all three is 'Yes'.


  • It Ain’t Easy 9 of 15

    No one ever said the search for love was easy, huh? There are a lot of bad apples who always seem to get in the way.


  • All is Lost 10 of 15

    Wow. How could you not fall instantly in love with someone who begs you to, "Answer quick, or all is lost."


  • Tall Order 11 of 15

    Some personals are better than others. And some are just way bigger.


  • Quack For Me 12 of 15

    Sometimes the personal ad isn't looking for a lover, but rather...a helper.


  • Autumn Romance 13 of 15

    Behold, the poetry of loneliness.


  • Eternal Hope 14 of 15

    I guess love can sneak up on you when you least expect it to. Don't forget your 'Hail Mary's'.


  • Dreams Come True 15 of 15

    Okay, so technically speaking, this isn't exactly a 'personal ad', but c'mon:  if you go time-traveling with this guy I dare you not fall in love with him. Good luck out there, people!



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