15 Truths Every Relationship Must Have

Relationships built on anything but truth and honesty will not last. They’ll either fall apart completely, or misery will fill the relationship. This includes little white lies, as they are the building blocks of big tall tales, which will later lead to a relationship’s demise.

medium_8257615791Sadly, many couples allow dishonesty in their relationships and don’t think anything of it. An article I read on YourTango, describes “30 relationship lies to leave behind.”  The first 15 are silly lies, and the second 15 are serious relationship lies to leave behind. I want to take this a step further.

In addition to leaving those 30 lies behind, here are 15 relationship truths your relationship must have. If you want to have a committed, long-lasting, and thriving relationship try adding these truths to your union.

1. Your faith

2. Your biggest fears

3. What attracted you to your mate

4. What makes intimacy good or bad

5. What you expect of them

6. Your biggest dreams

7. Your financial situation (including credit history)

8. Your feelings about kids

9. Your biggest setbacks in life

10. Your biggest successes in life

11. Who you consider true friends

12. Your feelings about his/her friends

13. Your favorite hobbies

14. Whether you can truly commit

15. Your feelings about divorce

When you share these truths, it will open the door to some very deep conversations. Some of it will be tough. But after 12 years of marriage I realize there will be tough conversations to be had. Putting them off or avoiding them completely will stunt the growth of your marriage.

At the end of the day you want truth to be present in your relationship. Even tough truths. I encourage you to have add these 15 truths to your relationship and see where it takes you.

What truths are most important to your relationship?

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