15 Small Details Women Wish Their Partner Would Remember

I’ve been in a relationship for a long time and it’s the small details that make me feel loved. When my husband knows what I wanted from the store before I even realized it was my latest pregnancy craving, to knowing what I have always wanted to do in my life. It’s a sign that he’s really listening and logging what makes me happy and those little things can add up and mean more than the “I love you” said before leaving for work each day.

The funny people over at The Frisky put together a great, truthful list of 35 things women wish their boyfriends would remember. They’re technically “small details,” but those small details, when added up, really can make a difference. I’ve rounded out 15 that I wish my partner would remember and why.

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  • Small Details We Wish Our Partner Would Remember 1 of 16

    Those little details add up and can be more important than you realize. 

  • Our Shoe Size 2 of 16

    Not that I ever expect him to purchase shoes for me, but knowing that small detail is just nice. Bonus points to him if he knows I used to be a size 8, but since having kids my feet now fit an 8.5 size.

  • Our Favorite Flower 3 of 16

    It's always nice to receive flowers for no reason, but even better when your partner knows what flower is your favorite and gets you a bouquet of those.

  • Our Favorite Pillow 4 of 16

    I have a thing where I don't like sharing my pillows, so if my husband knows which pillow to keep his head away from, that's a good thing!

  • Our Jewelry Preference 5 of 16

    Some people like gold, white, yellow, or rose, and some others prefer something different and it can make a big difference if our partners know this for when they get us something special. My husband knows my preference is white gold.

  • Our Perfect PMS Food 6 of 16

    Sure, most women seem to want chocolate when their period is on the way, but if you're like me -- all I want is dairy and having my husband knowing this is a good thing.

  • The Movie We Like When We’re Sick 7 of 16

    I am not sure why I am telling you this, but when I don't feel well, I like to crawl into bed and watch all the Twilight movies -- it always makes me feel better. Bonus points to my husband when he queues it all up as he tucks me in.

  • Our Family Members’ Birthdays 8 of 16

    I know this one is difficult for my partner because he has a hard time remembering dates, but having our partners remember these important ones for members of our family is just a nice feeling.

  • Our Favorite Meal 9 of 16

    What food is something you can always eat and never get sick of? That's a small detail to some, but it's a detail that shows love!

  • How We Like Our Coffee 10 of 16

    It's an order we have all the time and something our partners should remember so they can treat us once in a while.

  • How We Got That Scar 11 of 16

    I have a small scar on my thumb that I got from my cat when I was holding him and my dad turned on the vacuum. Sure, not a super-important thing for my husband to remember, but it's a detail that means he listens.

  • Our Favorite TV Show 12 of 16

    If there is one TV show you just can't stand to miss, having your partner know this, plus the time it comes on so he can make sure you're able to watch, it's a big deal.

  • Our First Date Outfit 13 of 16

    Our first date was almost 15 years ago, but my husband remembering shows that it was a detail he didn't consider too small to log in his brain.

  • Our Wine Preference 14 of 16

    I am no wine snob or connoisseur, but there is a wine I prefer over the others and when I'm having a bad day, I love that my husband just brings it home for me (well, not right now while I am pregnant, but you get the point).

  • Our Bra Size 15 of 16

    If your partner was to ever pick up something sexy for you, you'll want it to fit. It's a number that can make that a whole lot easier!

  • Our Signature Scent 16 of 16

    They don't really need to know the actual perfume name, but knowing the smell that we usually wear is a small detail that matters.

::What are some details, big or small, that you wish your partner would remember? Share in the comments! ::

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