16 Coordinating Halloween Costumes for Couples

If you’re like me you, like coordinating with your spouse. Now, I realize that’s pretty corny and so does my husband, which means he draws the line at contrasting colors (you will never see a picture of us in khakis and white polo shirts holding hands on the beach, and a big no to red Christmas sweaters fireside for a family holiday photo). But as with most things, there is usually an exception to the rule. In the case of coordinating outfits for couples, that’s Halloween. And despite me not being a big fan of Halloween, I will still join my husband and children and dress up, and someone has to help our daughter eat all that candy she brings home from school. Last year, my girls and I were honeybees and had almost convinced my husband to be a beekeeper. Almost. This year, he and our oldest daughter are taking the reins because it’s very likely that if I pick something cutesy, it’s not going to happen. If you’ve got plans to coordinate with your guy or girl this Halloween, I’ve rounded up a few ideas. Take a look:

  • 16 Coordinating Halloween Costumes for Couples 1 of 17

    Celebrating Halloween with your other half? Take a look at 16 coordinating Halloween costumes for couples!

  • Scarecrow Costumes 2 of 17

    You two are so into each other, some of your friends think you just aren't yourselves anymore. A few have even said you've "lost your mind." Better go see the wizard and see if he can hook you up with a new brain!

    Women's Scarecrow Costume $39.99

    Men's Scarecrow Costume $34.99

  • Pirate Costumes 3 of 17

    Because there's no one you'd rather be shipwrecked or stuck on a deserted island with. Gold is nice, but you've already found quite the treasure in each other. Arrrren't you lucky?

    Women's Pirate Costume $29.99

    Men's Pirate Costume $34.99


  • Neanderthal Costumes 4 of 17

    You bring out each other's wild side and are fashionistas in your own right. Admit it, you're glad that the animal print trend shows no signs of going anywhere. An excuse to wear head to toe leopard? Yes please.

    Women's Barbarian Costume $39.99

    Men's Neanderthal Costume $39.99


  • "Walking Dead" Costumes 5 of 17

    You two jumped on the bandwagon and joined the nation in deciding that zombies were all the rage thanks to The Walking Dead. At any rate, take it a step further and dress like one.

    Rick Grimes Costume $61.99

    Walking Dead Lady Zombie $59.97 

  • Astronaut Costumes 6 of 17

    Your love is out of this world. Enough said.

    Women's Astronaut Costume $55.99

    Men's Astronaut Costume $42.99



  • Flight Attendant and Captain Costumes 7 of 17

    When it comes to your relationship, you two have managed to go the distance. Despite some turbulent times, things are finally looking up. Relax, it's all blue skies ahead.

    Women's Flight Attendant Costume $32.99

    Men's Captain Costume $58.99


  • Garden Gnomes Costumes 8 of 17

    You two are homebodies. Your happiest days are spent tending to your garden and watching it and your love grow.

    Women's Gnome Costume $59.99

    Men's Gnome Costume $55.97


  • ’80s Costumes 9 of 17

    You grew up in '80s, which means you both rock. It also means once upon a time this may have been normal attire for you. 

    Men's '80s Costume $49.99

    Women's '80s Costume $44.99


  • Clown Costumes 10 of 17

    You always wanted to be with someone who had a great sense of humor.  Who says you can't have it all?

    Women's clown costume $56.99

    Men's clown costume $63.97


  • Candyland Costumes 11 of 17

    It's been a whole year since your last Halloween together and the two of you are still sweet on each other.

    Men's Candyland Costume $58.97

    Women's Candyland Costume $58.97


  • Egg and Bacon Costumes 12 of 17

    You love that he's always been quite a ham and he thinks you're pretty eggcelent yourself! Not to mention, you're both morning people!

    Available on Amazon for 24.74

  • "Where’s Waldo" Costumes 13 of 17

    It seemed as though you spent years searching for the perfect mate and then one day you found them.

    Men's Waldo Costume $36.99

    Women's Wenda Costume $34.99


  • Racecar Driver Costumes 14 of 17

    Your relationship moved rather quickly, but you've long since decided you're in it to win it.

    Jeff Gordon costume $50.99

    Danica Patrick costume $50.99


  • Wine and Cheese Costumes 15 of 17

    For a love that gets better with time.

    Available on Amazon for $38.99

  • Crayon and Crayon Box Costumes 16 of 17

    You live life boldly, aka you color outside the lines.

    Crayon Box Costume $31.95

    Crayon Costume $35.00


  • Beauty and the Beast Costume 17 of 17

    Your love story it's a "tale as old as time."

    Beast Costume $77.97

    Belle Costume $249.95


Don’t miss 23 more costume ideas for couples! Do you have any favorites? Have you and your partner ever dressed in coordinating costumes?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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