17 Fun and Quirky His and Hers Gifts

‘Tis the season for giving and spreading some of that holiday cheer. One way to do that is to give the gift of laughter. I’ve rounded up one of a kind quirky “His and Hers” gifts for that special pair in your life via Etsy. Some of them will cause laughter while others will simply make those special ones smile. A select few might have them convinced that you belong on Santa’s naughty list! Take a look at some fun and quirky gift ideas selected with couples in mind.

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    17 Fun and Quirky His and Hers Gifts

    Know of a special couple you'd like to give the gift of a good laugh to this season? Take a look at these 17 fun and quirky His and Hers gifts!

  • Vintage Bedroom Mood Meter wall hanging 2 of 18

    For the couple who is striving to keep the romance alive (or get more sleep!).

    Available for purchase from Kitsch Annette's via Etsy for $13.95

  • Personalized Pebble Art 3 of 18

    For the couple whose love is "rock solid." Sticks and stones can break bones but nothing is going to break these two up.

    Available for purchase from Sticks and Stones via Etsy for $77.38

  • Owl Fingerless Gloves 4 of 18

    For the couple who loves to hold hands no matter the weather.

    Available for purchase from Cozy Season via Etsy for $39.00

  • Best Friends Key Chain 5 of 18

    They're best friends. Great on their own but even better together.

    Available for purchase from Lauriginal Designs via Etsy for $22.00

  • Reusable Organic Sandwich Bags 6 of 18

    For the couple who has opted to go green and not out to lunch! These cute sandwich bags are made out of organic cotton and recycled hemp!

    Available for purchase from The High Fiber co via Etsy for $18.00

  • Crochet Sock Monkey Cozies 7 of 18

    For a couple who is bananas for each other.

    Available for purchase from Thingamabobs A Plenty via Etsy for $19.00

  • Etched Handled Mason Jar To-Go Cups 8 of 18

    The mason jars trend is one that seems to have staying power. Gift this to the country/rustic loving couple. Great for the couple who is a fan of eating on the go.

    Available for purchase from Swiss Miss Closet via Etsy for $24.95

  • Personalized Leather Luggage Tags 9 of 18

    For the couple you know who is always on the go but never forgets the important stuff like where home is.

    This set sold; however, custom orders are available for purchase at Leather Made Nice via Etsy for $40.00

  • Headless Planters 10 of 18

    For the cute and quirky plant loving pair.

    Available for purchase from Earth Sea Warrior via Etsy for $245.00

  • Custom Embroidered Eye Masks 11 of 18

    For the couple who can't function without their beauty sleep.

    Available for purchase from Silky Eye Mask via Etsy for $18.00

  • His and Hers Mail Station 12 of 18

    A creative take on a mail station. This one is perfect for an organized duo who has opted not to go paperless when it comes to those monthly bills. 

    Available for purchase from Retro Getgo Vintage via Etsy for $40.00

  • Vintage His and Hers Bank 13 of 18

    For the couple who insists on keeping their finances separate.

    Available for purchase from Rosebuds Originals via Etsy for $12.00

  • Periodic Table Mug Set 14 of 18

    For the couple who had a lot of chemistry from the start.

    Available for purchase from NeuronsNotIncluded via Etsy for $22.00

  • His and Hers Cardigan with PDF Pattern 15 of 18

    For the couple looking for a new hobby and an excuse to wear coordinating (and cozy!) sweaters.

    Available for purchase from Jessie Eldora via Etsy for $4.35

  • His and Hers Arrow Signs 16 of 18

    For the couple with no sense of direction or who just may be getting married! They make darling wedding decor but can also be used after. His and Hers closets maybe?

    Available for purchase from Hoast & Toast and on Etsy (Hoast & Toast Studio) for $64.00

  • Vintage Pecans Novelty Gift 17 of 18

    For the couple who can't hold water (or urine).

    Available for purchase from Richmond General Store via Etsy for $7.96

  • Tea Towel Set 18 of 18

    Towels for two. For the couple who knows that there is no "I" in team.

    Available for purchase from Black Bird Tees via Etsy for $31.50

Do you know a couple who would love to unwrap a fun quirky gift this season? Have you ever been the recipient of a quirky or “gag gift” for the holidays? Don’t think you’ve found the one?! Here are 25 more quirky his and hers ideas.

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