18 Adorable Ideas for Wintery Couple Photos in the Snow

Snow is in the air.

But so is love. 

Ok, yes, this time of year makes me all sappy, ok? It’s for good reason — my husband and I were married in December and I associate Christmastime with all things sparkly, warm, cozy, glittering with festive lights and a love that is ready for the new year — and beyond.

This year will be our 6th anniversary, which is at once crazy to me but at the same time, feels warm and right, like my favorite winter sweater.

Contrary to popular belief, I think winter is a very romantic time of year and those snowy backdrops are the perfect way to capture a couple’s love on camera. Click through for some festive ideas for wintery couples’ photos in the snow, perfect for engagements, cute couples, maternity or wedding shots! 

  • 18 cute couples’ pictures to take in the snow. 1 of 18
    snow pic_featured_pin
  • Engagements. 2 of 18
    engagements 1

    First up on our snowy picture love fest? Engagements, of course! December is after all, the most popular month of the year to get married. So show off that shiny new ring!

    Image via j & j brusie photography

  • Try black and white. 3 of 18

    A little rustic background, some black and white filter action and bam--gorgeous couple's shot!

    Image via j & j brusie photography

  • Work the hat. 4 of 18
    hat pic

    At what other time of year can you look that sultry underneath a wool hat? And did I mention I took these pictures? (pats self on the back)

    Image via j & j brusie photography

  • Up close and personal. 5 of 18

    The closer you are, the warmer you'll stay. It's a scientific fact, right?

    Image via j & j brusie photography

  • Use nature. 6 of 18

    Nature is its own beautiful backdrop here. 

    Image via j & j brusie photography

  • Bare branch. 7 of 18
    bare branch

    A single, bare branch stripped of its fall foliage can make a stunning ring stand out even more. Hello, my pretty. 

    Image via j & j brusie photography

  • Snowball fight! 8 of 18

    That is one snowball you don't want to throw, my friends. So cute!

    Image via j & j brusie photography

  • Drop it like it’s… 9 of 18
    drop it


    Image via j & j brusie photography

  • By the fence. 10 of 18

    Lean the fence that is.

    Image via j & j brusie photography

  • Coats are cute, too. 11 of 18

    For when your nose starts to resemble Rudolph, this pose might do the trick!

    Image via j & j brusie photography

  • Couples. 12 of 18

    You don't need to be engaged to celebrate being a cute couple! Add a splash of red to keep things festive for your outdoorsy winter photo shoot.

    Image via j & j brusie photography

  • A joyous spirit. 13 of 18
    couples in the snow

    A joyful spirit looks good anytime of year, but seems especially appropriate during the season. (Sidenote: the lovely couple here is currently battling cancer and have a very inspiring story to share about faith, hope, and love. Read it here.) 

    Image via paper + sky

  • Snow baby. 14 of 18

    The scarf really accentuates her baby bump, don't you think?

    image via j&j brusie photography

  • Footprints in the snow. 15 of 18

    I love this shot. So simple and yet so beautiful.

    image via j&j brusie photography

  • Blending in. 16 of 18
    belly shot

    Whoa, it's like she's part of the snow!

    image via j&j brusie photography

  • Weddings in the snow. 17 of 18
    wedding snow 1

    Told you I was partial to snowy wedding pictures. That would be yours truly on my wedding day with a wintery gust of wind. Don't you think the snow on the ground just makes this picture?

    Image via Chaunie Brusie

  • A wintery wedding shawl. 18 of 18
    wedding snow 2

    One way to get around that pesky cold weather business? A warm shawl, of course. We borrowed this one for my wedding and I love the way our pictures turned out with it. 

    Image via Chaunie Brusie

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