2-Year-Old Boy Dies of Cancer After Serving as His Parents’ Best Man

Author note: I came across this sad story today and I debated if I wanted to write about it. It almost seemed disrespectful, in a way, to write a piece of such gravity in the same manner that I write about things like how my husband forgets to change the toilet paper roll. In the end, though after reading this boy’s mother’s requests to share his story with the world, I decided that sharing it just might honor the little boy who spent his last days celebrating the love that brought him into this world.

Like many adorable kids in a wedding, two-year-old Logan Stevenson donned a dapper suit for his big debut in his parents’ backyard wedding. 

But Logan was no ordinary kid in a suit.

Logan was a “hero,” a “fighter,” according to his mother, and the living display of the hope and love that will have to carry his parents into a future together…without him. 

Little Logan was born with a rare blood disorder called Fanconi’s anemia, a genetic disorder often passed down in families that interferes with the production of blood cells in the bone marrow and can cause them to produce faulty cells. The syndrome can lead to major health complications, including birth defects and leukemia, especially in children.


Although Logan was born prematurely and had some minor health problems, his parents, Christine Swidorsky and Sean Stevenson, say he had a perfectly normal first year — until he was diagnosed with leukemia. After undergoing chemotherapy and a cord blood transplant, Logan’s cancer went into remission for 9 months.

The family had hope that their happy life could get back to normal, until they noticed that Logan was acting strangely. Doctors soon found a large tumor on one of his kidneys and discovered that complications from the anemia had damaged the other.

Sadly, his parents were advised to start making all the memories they could with their son. They planned a trip to Disney World through the Make-a-Wish foundation, until on only the second morning of the vacation, Logan had to be rushed to the hospital.

Undergoing treatment for sepsis and dehydration, Logan’s doctors found yet another tumor growing in the original location.

But this time, they knew there was nothing they could do to treat it. Logan was given only weeks to live. 

After post-poning their wedding, waiting for Logan to feel better so he could go through the festivities with them, Christine and Sean knew there was no time left to spare. They decided to join together, for their son, while he was still with them.

“I’m so happy to let the world know how strong he is and to let the world know how much life and happiness he brought to our life and how he’s our hero,” Christine wrote on her Facebook page. “Words can’t describe how we feel for our dying son. He’s an angel from heaven.”

Logan served as the best man at his parents’ wedding on Saturday, August 3, when his mother carried him down the aisle as he rested contentedly on her shoulder. 

He passed away, comfortable in his mother’s arm, two days later.

You can watch the video about this brave young best man and his parents at Good Morning America.


Image via Jenniferschwalm/Flickr

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