20 Excuses Women and Men Use to Get Out Of Sex

We all know that an active sex life is important for a healthy long-term relationship or marriage. I bet when you first started going out with your significant other the sparks were flying and you pretty much couldn’t keep your hands off each other. You would have to make excuses to your friends about why they don’t see you anymore and it’s because you’re busy having fun between the sheets with your loved one.

Time changes things. I’ve been married for going on 9 years now and three kids later, plus pregnant with number 4, there have been times where we’ve been like that early stage and times where we are the complete opposite. It happens in many relationships, and like anything else long-term and real, that fluctuation will happen from time to time.

But, truth-be-told, no matter how much you love someone, there are times where you really don’t feel like doing it. There are times where your libido is the total opposite of your partner’s and in those times, we — being both women and men — come up with some pretty creative and sometimes funny reasons why we just don’t want to have sex.

Here are 20 excuses you may have heard or said when you really just were not in the mood:

  • 20 Excuses We Use to Get Out of Sex 1 of 21

    For when you would rather do almost anything else. 

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  • I Am So Mad At You 2 of 21

    No one really feels like getting close when you're in an argument. Squash it and get into it.

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  • I Am Not Feeling Well 3 of 21

    Whether it be a headache, a cold or stomach issues, this is one quick way to get you out of doing the deed.

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  • The Kids Are Still Awake 4 of 21

    Even if they're in bed in their own rooms, some people just don't feel comfortable -- or they just want to get out of it.

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  • I Hurt My Back Today 5 of 21

    It would be hard to have fun doing it if your back is sore -- that is if your back is really sore.

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  • I Ate Too Much Dairy and Now I Am Bloated 6 of 21

    Bloated, gassy and uncomfortable, that will probably turn your partner off from the idea too. 

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  • I Just Do Not Feel Sexy 7 of 21

    True, it can be hard to get in the mood if you don't feel good about yourself, but maybe it will make you feel better.

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  • I Think I Forgot To Take My Birth Control 8 of 21

    Well, yeah... that will stop him.

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  • I Just Made The Bed 9 of 21

    For those who are totally concerned with how long and how hard it was to make the bed. Goodness knows you don't want to do it again.

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  • I Have My Period 10 of 21

    Not the best excuse if you know you can just do it in the shower and it won't be messy.

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  • I Have to Wash My Hair 11 of 21

    It's like the world's most classic excuse. It really can be used for anything.

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  • I Have Already Made Plans With Friends 12 of 21

    Better hope your friend picks up the phone so you can go out!

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  • You Need to Shower 13 of 21

    If you want to be mean, this will get you out of having sex because now they will be mad at you.

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  • I Just Worked Out 14 of 21

    And you're worn out or sweaty or both or don't need to do any more physical activities. 

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  • My Horoscope Advised Against It 15 of 21

    And who are we to judge your belief when a random newspaper paragraph says that you should watch out for strenuous activity.

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  • I Have an Early Meeting / Sports Practice 16 of 21

    Of course, you can't stay up even 30 more minutes and completely wear yourself out. 

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  • The Dog is Staring At Me 17 of 21

    I admit, that is pretty creepy and for some reason dogs love to do that. (Simple solution: kick the dog out of the room)

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  • I Cut Myself Shaving and It Is a No-Go-Zone 18 of 21

    For me, that may linger into the T.M.I (too much information) zone, but I guess if it hurts down there ...

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  • I Have to Finish This Video Game Level 19 of 21

    Oh, yeah... of course. That is like super important (insert eye roll).

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  • I Do Not Have a Condom 20 of 21

    You say as you quickly hide the new box you just bough a few days ago.

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  • You Said No Yesterday So I Am Saying No Today 21 of 21

    Use spite to get out of sex and surely you'll use #1 (I'm mad at you) again tomorrow.

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