What Were They Thinking? 20 Totally Awkward Wedding Photos

I’m not really one to talk. I once posed on a fence and hiked up my skirt to reveal my dog’s collar, which I wore as a garter. But damn, y’all. Thar be some awkward photos floating around the universe. And they aren’t just awkward because of out-of-date styles and the usual big hair, big dress eighties insanity.

These are awkward for so much more than that.  Mostly, after viewing and laughing at the twenty photos you’re about to see I’m left wondering what were they thinking? Whether it’s the photographer who is apparently blind or those actually in the photos, I’m shocked someone didn’t slap some sense into someone. But I’m glad they didn’t or else you and I wouldn’t get to behold the glory of these 20 totally awkward wedding photos.

Here then. I humbly present to you: what not to do at your wedding.

All photos used with permission from, which has been spreading the awkwardness for years, once awkward photo at a time.  You can find their books here! I defy you to find a better, more entertaining coffee table book!

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  • Peek-a-boo! 2 of 21
    Brah, you've gotta wait until AFTER the wedding for that.
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  • When Bridesmaid Dresses Are Too Expensive… 3 of 21
    When Bridesmaid Dresses Are Too Expensive...
    Kidding! The bride demanded strapless dresses and this is the result.
    Photo Source:
  • Potty Mouth 4 of 21
    Potty Mouth
    You look so stunning! So does the port-a-potty you're licking!
    Photo Source:
  • Denim Wedding 5 of 21
    Denim Wedding
    I can't even count the things wrong with this one. Let us just say that denim vests should be illegal and leave it at that.
    Photo Source:
  • Oh, It’s Awkward 6 of 21
    Oh, It's Awkward
    Photog: I have an idea! Let's have the bride lie down awkwardly in the grass while the groom grabs her bridesmaid's boobies!
    Photo Source:
  • Grandpa On The Loose 7 of 21
    Grandpa On The Loose
    Grandpa. Grandpa! GRANDPA! Back here.
    Photo Source:
  • That’s Not Your Husband’s Ass! 8 of 21
    That's Not Your Husband's Ass!
    The bride tells Awkward Family Photos someone was outside repairing the roof and they didn't notice him until the photos were developed. A likely story. She noticed him all right. She just doesn't want her groom to know.
    Photo Source:
  • I Will Not Be Ignored 9 of 21
    I Will Not Be Ignored
    He would not be ignored.
    Photo Source:
  • Hair Ya Go! 10 of 21
    Hair Ya Go!
    I'm having trouble discerning veil from hair in this one. And are those leather skirts?
    Photo Source:
  • Swedding Photo 11 of 21
    Swedding Photo
    Whose brilliant idea was this pose?
    Photo Source:
  • Cindarella She Ain’t 12 of 21
    Cindarella She Ain't
    I don't really know what's going on here, I'm just enjoying that sweet wood paneling.
    Photo Source:
  • Clean Up On Aisle 3! 13 of 21
    Clean Up On Aisle 3!
    Seriously. Can someone do something about aisle 3?
    Photo Source:
  • Oh, The Humanity! 14 of 21
    Oh, The Humanity!
    Is that a hat or a valance? Do you think he's pointing a gun at her under the table?
    Photo Source:
  • Captain Hooked 15 of 21
    Captain Hooked
    The story behind this as told by the bride who submitted it to Awkward Family Photos: "This is my husband and I the night of our wedding. His "friends" thought it would be funny to put a fish hook on the steering wheel of the car, because I 'HOOKED' him. In our celebratory state he got the hook stuck in his hand. We had to go to the ER to get it removed and he had to get a tetanus shot. The ER staff took this picture and gave us back the hook to keep."
    Photo Source:
  • Married On The 4th of July 16 of 21
    Married On The 4th of July
    Mom told her the hats would make them look elegant. Mom was wrong.
    Photo Source:
  • When Swans Attack 17 of 21
    When Swans Attack
    Back off, lady. I'm the only one that wears white around these parts.
    Photo Source:
  • No One Could Find The Wedding 18 of 21
    No One Could Find The Wedding
    We invited 100 people and only three showed up.
    Photo Source:
  • When Photogs Go Bad 19 of 21
    When Photogs Go Bad
    Here is your ring. Here is an... apple?
    Photo Source:
  • When Photogs Go Bad Take 2 20 of 21
    When Photogs Go Bad Take 2
    A tiny violin! And whoa, are you guys undressing? Just what kind of photog did you hire?
    Photo Source:
  • Tiny 21 of 21
    I hope the size of his horse isn't indicative of the size of... her engagement ring. What?
    Photo Source:

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