20 Ways to Improve Your Relationship Now

Relationships are hard work! You would think that the longer you’ve been with someone the easier it gets, but that’s not always the case. I’ve been with my husband for going on 15 years now and there are always ways we can help make it even stronger.

Even if you’re in the best relationship, there will be times where you need to put a little extra effort into it. That may sound like a lot, but really there are some simple and easy ways you can help improve your relationship that won’t take a lot of time, money, or added stress.

The relationship experts at YourTango compiled a list of 101 ways to improve your relationship right now and these tips are so valuable. I’ve been married for a while (certainly no record time, but I hope to one day) and I’ve been looking for simple ways to help my partner and I stay connected through our busy, crazy schedules. I’ve tested some of these I’m sharing below and surprisingly, they work!

Click through and read 20 ways you can help improve your relationship simply, now:

  • Simple Ways to Improve Your Relationship 1 of 21

    Simplicity can go a long way!

  • Listen 2 of 21

    Like really listen! Turn off all distractions and have a real conversation, just the two of you.

  • Pet Names 3 of 21

    It may seem lame and cliche, but it's really fun to have pet names for each other and it keeps you young at heart.

  • Be Positive 4 of 21

    Everyone loves positive feedback and when it comes to your relationship, it can go a long way.

  • Learn More 5 of 21

    Ask your partner things about their past like their favorite place to visit when they were a kid or their favorite food.

  • Say Why You Love Them 6 of 21

    Even if they know you love them, it's great to hear why as well.

  • Rely on Them 7 of 21

    Ask for help -- everyone loves to feel a little needed.

  • Make Goals Together 8 of 21

    Talk about the future and what you think it will be like and what you want life to be when you're 10 years down the road.

  • Apologize 9 of 21

    It's not always easy, but when you're in the wrong it can make your partner feel valued when you do say sorry.

  • Hug 10 of 21

    Hugs are not given enough and it can help you feel connected when you give one.

  • Share Your Thoughts 11 of 21

    If you've got something you've always wanted to try, share with your partner.

  • Be Honest 12 of 21

    Honesty is a real relationship builder and it can really build a lot of trust and intimacy.

  • Get Them Something Special 13 of 21

    Pick something up from the store that you know they'll love just because you were thinking of them.

  • Pack Them A Lunch 14 of 21

    If you know they're going to have a difficult day, show you care and make them a special lunch to take to work.

  • Take a Bath Together 15 of 21

    Chances are, bubble baths with candles was something you did years ago, but it's been a while, so give it another try and feel the connection.

  • Let Your Partner Sleep In 16 of 21

    Allowing your partner to catch some extra sleep can make them feel loved and amazing!

  • Do the Chores 17 of 21

    If your partner has been swamped or if you just want to be nice, do the chores -- even the ones you hate!

  • Draw a Picture 18 of 21

    Draw a picture, even if you're not the best artist.

  • Send Them a Song 19 of 21

    If you've just come across a love song you know they will love -- send it to them with a cute "I thought of you when I saw this" note

  • Start a Blog Together 20 of 21

    Doing things together -- something new -- that you can both learn and love together.

  • Go For a Walk 21 of 21

    And hold hands! Small things like this can help you feel connected even when you're both swamped and life is so busy you can't find a lot of time together. It can go a long way!

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