25 Ideas for At-Home Date Nights

Spend an extra special night in the comfort of your home with these 25 Ideas for At-Home Date Nights. Pick out your favorite movie and plan the entire evening around it – including your meal, decor, and outfit. With Father’s Day coming up, surprise him with a night entirely based on things he wants to do. Keep reading for more ways to kick up the romance with at-home date nights…

  • 25 Ideas for At-Home Date Nights 1 of 26
    25 Ideas for At-Home Date Nights
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  • Movie Themed Night 2 of 26
    Movie Themed Night
    Plan a movie night where the whole night is based around the theme of the movie, like this Moonrise Kingdom date night.
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  • A Fort for Two 3 of 26
    A Fort for Two
    Build a fort together and enjoy a romantic dinner for two inside.
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  • Make Your Favorite Dinner 4 of 26
    Make Your Favorite Dinner
    Pick out your favorite dinner and make it together.
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  • Order In 5 of 26
    Order In
    Don't lift a finger and order in a delicious meal.
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  • Play Music Together 6 of 26
    Play Music Together
    If you two are musicians, write a song together.
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  • Fondue Night 7 of 26
    Fondue Night
    Enjoy tasty fondue by candlelight.
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  • Ditch the Tech 8 of 26
    Ditch the Tech
    Have a whole night without technology and just focusing on each other.
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  • Spa Night 9 of 26
    Spa Night
    Give each other the ultimate spa treatment to wind down and relax.
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  • S’mores at Home 10 of 26
    S'mores at Home
    Cook up delicious s'mores by the fire or on a personal fire pit.
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  • Wine Tasting 11 of 26
    Wine Tasting
    Buy a few new wines and cheese and set up a wine tasting for two.
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  • Ethnic Food 12 of 26
    Ethnic Food
    Challenge yourselves to cook up a meal from a country around the world.
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  • Photos from the Past 13 of 26
    Photos from the Past
    Spend the evening looking at old photos of your past together.
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  • Series Date Night 14 of 26
    Series Date Night
    Pop in a series you've been dying to watch and start from the beginning.
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  • Game Night 15 of 26
    Game Night
    Pick up new games to challenge each other in.
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  • Sports Fans 16 of 26
    Sports Fans
    Have a night dedicated to sports, with movies, games, and delicious finger foods.
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  • Camping in the Yard 17 of 26
    Camping in the Yard
    Pitch a tent in the backyard and curl up for the night.
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  • Breakfast in Bed 18 of 26
    Breakfast in Bed
    Get into pajamas early, turn on a movie, and enjoy a delicious breakfast in bed for dinner.
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  • Make Beer 19 of 26
    Make Beer
    Test your chemistry skills with a beer making kit you can use at home.
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  • Around the World Night 20 of 26
    Around the World Night
    Enjoy a meal from around the world and plan out your next big vacation.
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  • DIY Date Night 21 of 26
    DIY Date Night
    Tackle a project you both have been dying to do together.
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  • Midnight Swim Night 22 of 26
    Midnight Swim Night
    Take a dip as soon as the sun sets and relax in the jacuzzi after.
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  • His Choice 23 of 26
    His Choice
    Set up a whole night around the things he most wants to do.
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  • Play Bartender 24 of 26
    Play Bartender
    Pick up a book of cocktail recipes and have fun perfecting them in the kitchen.
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  • Fear Factor 25 of 26
    Fear Factor
    Push your tastebuds to the limit with a variety of unique items you wouldn't normally try.
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  • Art Night for Two 26 of 26
    Art Night for Two
    Express your inner artist with a night of painting, drawing, or any art medium you prefer.
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