25 Things About Serge Bielanko (From His Wife’s Perspective)

I like his hair long and he likes it short.

What is it about our spouses that draws us in time after time, year after year?

Is it the way they smile at us? Is it the way they grab our hand in the darkened movie theater? Is it sharing a parenting milestone, exchanging expressions of wonderment over the tops of little heads? Or is it the way they strum the air guitar they’re playing when ACDC comes on the radio while driving the family down the freeway?

Definitely not that last one.

But hey. As Serge likes to point out, if he died tomorrow I would totally miss the air guitar in the car. I’m not so sure about that but it got me to thinking about the moments we’ve shared, the ongoing arguments, the funny stuff and the little things about Serge that make him who he is.

Click onward to check it out and see some photos of him from throughout the years.

  • Rock’n’Roll, Baby 1 of 25
    Rock'n'Roll, Baby
    The first time I saw him he was on stage with his band and ended that show on the floor, on his back with his guitar.
  • Long-Distance Love 2 of 25
    Long-Distance Love
    A week after we met I drove 25 hours straight to meet up with him and his band in El Paso, Texas. I spent 3 days with him in Austin and it was one of the best times I've ever had. This photo is actually from my first trip to London in 2005.
  • Pizza Problems 3 of 25
    Pizza Problems
    We often argue over pizza. Serge firmly believes pizza should only have one or two toppings while I enjoy a combination of meats and vegetables.
  • Refers to Elderly Drivers as Silverbacks 4 of 25
    Refers to Elderly Drivers as Silverbacks
    He gets uptight about other drivers on the road and refers to old people as "Silverbacks". As in "look at this A-hole up here driving 10 miles an hour. Bet you it's a silverback. Yep! Look at him, he's ninety if he's a day!"
  • Road Warrior 5 of 25
    Road Warrior
    He spent more than 12 years touring with a band and has visited every state in the country except for Hawaii, Alaska and North Dakota. He has magnets from every single state and most European countries as well. I refuse to comment on the out-of-control magnet situation on the grounds I may incriminate myself.
  • Photo Taken 10 Minutes After a Fight 6 of 25
    Photo Taken 10 Minutes After a Fight
    We had a bad fight in Venice, Italy once because he felt like we should've booked a hotel in advance and I wanted to wing it, walk around and stay at whatever place caught our fancy. This small fight is indicative of our very different personalities and we have argued about similar things throughout the years that all boil down to the same thing: I like to wing it, he does not.
  • Scaredy Cat 7 of 25
    Scaredy Cat
    He isn't a fan of most amusement park rides. Although he rides roller coasters and stuff he freaked out on the sky tram. I started rocking it back and forth to screw with him and he nearly messed his pants. This photo was taken while he was yelling at me to stop and I was laughing so hard I nearly messed my own pants.
  • Philly Accent 8 of 25
    Philly Accent
    He has an accent and says things like oice instead of ice or farrest instead of forrest. I like the way he says ice, it's sexy.
  • Date Night 9 of 25
    Date Night
    Our favorite date night is dinner and a movie. We have a weird rule of not starting in on the popcorn during previews, we wait until the movie actually begins and not a second before!
  • Helicopter Dad 10 of 25
    Helicopter Dad
    When I was pregnant with Violet we attended a prenatal class and he took it so seriously and was so competitive with the other dads (who can change a diaper the fastest?!) I had to laugh.
  • London Lover 11 of 25
    London Lover
    He lived with his ex-girlfriend in London for a while. It's his favorite city in the world, even above New York City, which, boy, please, nowhere is better than NYC.
  • Beardy Love 12 of 25
    Beardy Love
    I absolutely adore beards on men so Serge has pretty much worn some version of one since we met. I like this.
  • Where Have You Gone Joe Dimaggio? 13 of 25
    Where Have You Gone Joe Dimaggio?
    He once shook hands with Johnny Cash. He also got his picture taken with Joe Dimaggio and can't find the photo. He is devastated.
  • Angelie Jolie 14 of 25
    Angelie Jolie
    He cannot pronounce the name Angelina Jolie. Not that this often comes up but for years he has said her name as Angelie Jolie despite my correcting him every time. "What kind of name is Angelina, anyway?" he said last time I corrected him. "What? What kind of name is Angelie? I responded.
  • Signature Stir Fry 15 of 25
    Signature Stir Fry
    At least two times a week he makes a chicken stir fry dish that he's been making since before he met me. He's actually a better cook than I am (his spaghetti and meatballs and eggplant parm pictured above will blow your mind) and probably cooks dinner more than I do.
  • Self Taught Musician 16 of 25
    Self Taught Musician
    He taught himself to play the harmonica and the guitar.
  • Pigeon Heart 17 of 25
    Pigeon Heart
    He wrote a song once called Pigeon Heart. It's from a pigeon's point of view and is bad ass.
  • TV Time 18 of 25
    TV Time
    His former band, Marah, was on the Conan O'Brien Show twice. The second time I got to go see them play and walk around the Saturday Night Live set at Rockefeller Center. It's tiny.
  • Still Plays with the Band in his Head 19 of 25
    Still Plays with the Band in his Head
    He constantly plays air guitar and air drums while driving and sings so loudly he covers up the music. I do not enjoy his little car concerts.
  • Civil War Junkie 20 of 25
    Civil War Junkie
    He's a Civil War junkie who has dragged ex-girlfriends and band members to battle sites all over the Eastern seaboard.
  • Identical 21 of 25
    Our daughter Violet has looked exactly like him since birth. If you hold up pictures of them at the same age she looks like her dad in a wig.
  • Leaving NYC 22 of 25
    Leaving NYC
    This photo was taken during our last walk around our Brooklyn apartment before moving to Utah. Serge cried big heaving sobs as he drove the moving truck across the Verrazano Bridge.
  • Scary Times 23 of 25
    Scary Times
    When he was in his early twenties one of his first girlfriends had breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy.
  • Flip-Flop Hater 24 of 25
    Flip-Flop Hater
    He doesn't like going barefoot and rarely takes off his shoes even while in the house. He believes feet should be covered up at all times and thinks flip-flops are a disgusting footwear choice.
  • The Couple That Fishes Together Stays Together? 25 of 25
    The Couple That Fishes Together Stays Together?
    He has been trying to get me to go fishing with him for years but I don't like the idea of hurting a fish even though I eat them all the time.

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