25 Things You Must Include on Your Marriage Bucket List

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Having a mission statement is an important strategy for successful individuals, organizations, and marriages. Everyone should have one. But what about a marriage bucket list? A Google search reveals a bucket list is “a number of experiences or achievements a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.”

Bucket lists might be your key to fun in marriage.

Bucket list items are similar to your life goals, but they seem to be a little less serious. A goal list usually includes very serious things, while a bucket list may just include something that sounds fun. Marriage should be fun, and having a bucket list could be a way to keep that fun alive.

Mission statements and goals lead to growth, as most goals are very challenging and force you to make personal changes. Bucket lists can do the same, but some experiences may have a goal of just having fun, or just going BIG. So what exactly should go on a bucket list? Anything and everything you can dream of should go on a bucket list!

I’ve made some suggestions below. Check them out, but don’t stop there. When you finish reading them, grab a pen, paper, and your spouse, and start your own bucket list!

1. Renew your vows in a tropical location

Everyone considers renewing their wedding vows at some point. But why not go BIG when you do it? Invite some of your closest family and friends, visit a nice tropical setting, and renew your love and commitment to one another.

2. Make a “movie”

Forget getting caught up watching all the “actors” and “actresses” making “movies.” Make your own “movie.” Then every so often you should have an “adult” movie night and watch it together…alone.

3. Visit every continent (or state) together

This is for the non-travelers as well as the travel lovers. See the world together, or at least the country. You’ll see amazing things and create great experiences and memories for life.

4. Don’t get divorced!

In a world where half of marriages don’t make it and many couples decide to shack up, this is a BIG thing. Getting married and staying married is an accomplishment!

5. Learn a new language

Does a Spanish accent or the French language sound good to you? Learn it together, and speak it to one another.

6. Make love outside of your home

Just don’t go to jail. I’m not talking about Time Square at noon. Find a nice hidden spot. You have to be careful today though, as everyone has cell phones and cameras. Do not, I repeat, do not end up on Snapchat! (If you do, don’t say where you got the idea from.)

7. Write a book about your life together

Even before you check off every item on your bucket list. Your life and your marriage has been full of experiences. Writing a book would be a great way to capture it all, and a great way to leave something behind for your kids, or anyone who wants to read it.

8. Be able to say “I love marriage” years from now

It’s a great accomplishment getting married and staying married. But doing so, and later in life being able to say without a shadow of a doubt, “I love marriage,” is HUGE!

9. Compete in a TV game show

There are tons of game shows on all the time. Some of the old classic game shows are still on TV, like Wheel of Fortune, but there are new shows like The Amazing Race. Wouldn’t it be great to compete on national TV with your spouse?

10. Skinny dip

After some of my previous bucket list items and this one, you probably think I’m some sort of exhibitionist or something! I’m not, but this is a big bold thing to do with your spouse, so it made the list.

11. Go on a cruise

My wife and I have never been on a cruise, but will go on our first cruise next year. We are looking forward to it, as we’ve heard the experience is amazing!

12. Have kids, and hopefully grandkids

The couples who are already parents know the joys being a parent brings. There is nothing like caring for little people, and many times little people that you created together. The Bible teaches to “be fruitful and multiply.” So…be fruitful and multiply!

13. Spend the night on a beach

You might even be able to knock this out when you renew your vows, and you might be able to knock out the previous bucket list item as well…three for one!

14. Have a “Birth Decade”-themed party

My wife and I are ’70s babies. Several years ago, we attended a friend’s ’70s themed birthday party and had a blast. We’ll look at our pics from the party and still get a good laugh looking at us in our ’70s gear.

15. Visit the wreckage of the Titanic in a submarine

My wife’s favorite movie is Titanic, but we’ve never even been on a cruise, let alone be submerged hundreds of feet underwater. Big scary one here!

16. Break a Guinness record

Maybe you are kissers, or huggers, or marathoners. Do something longer, more than, or better than any other couple has done together.

17. Visit the Wonders of the World

The Pyramids in Egypt, The Great Wall of China, The Colosseum in Rome, and more. Your marriage is amazing, and you should enjoy it at these amazing sites.

18. Build your dream home

As we’ve learned about our needs and how we function in our household, my wife discusses some things which would be great features in our home.  I previously said we’d never build, but building a home exactly the way we want would be awesome!

19. Start a business together

Entrepreneurship is part of the American dream. Start something with your spouse around your joint passions. It just may blow up!

20. Ride a helicopter

My wife and I have done this. Bucket list check mark, and never to be done again! (I don’t do heights!)

21. Jump off a cliff into water

Once again, the tropical location might include this. In fact, the tropical location is like the bucket list go-to spot!

22. Ride motorcycles on Route 66

See America the beautiful on your bike(s). There probably isn’t a bigger way to experience our country than riding bikes, and riding them on Route 66. The movie Cars taught me this!

23. Swim with sharks

If you can’t tell already, you have to take some risks on your bucket lists. Do some things you just wouldn’t normally do. The experience will be exhilarating.

24. Complete a marathon or triathlon

We just ran a 5k together and it was great! It was my wife’s first 5K ever. We caught the running bug and are looking forward to our next one together.

25. Attend the Olympic Games

Witnessing the amazing athletes, and learning about them and where they come from is something our family enjoys. Being there would take it over the top.

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