3 Reasons Why a Romantic Spring Break Staycation Is Great for Your Relationship

Spring is officially here (even in the Midwest where we’ve had one of the worst winters in over 30 years)! This was the winter that had everybody, even snow-lovers, wishing winter would end, and seriously considering relocation. Some of these couples are gearing up for spring break.

photo credit: RebeccaBarray via photopin cc
photo credit: RebeccaBarray via photopin cc

Others wish they could. But while the spring breakers are heading to the beaches and taking road trips, don’t be jealous. Instead have a romantic spring break staycation! You don’t have to travel to bring sunshine into your relationship. Just be intentional and determined that you are going to enjoy one another.

3 Reasons Why a Romantic Spring Break Staycation Is Great for Your Relationship:

1. Sometimes we just have to get away

Even if we can’t get away physically, a mental break can be just as good. Part of this type of staycation is to break from the norm.

2. You’ll have a good enough time that you don’t mind not being on a beach somewhere

I admit, I’ll take beach over 40-60 degree weather any day, but we can still enjoy ourselves within our current situations.

3. Sometimes we need an excuse to be romantic

Day-to-day living, the rat race, and the daily grind can squeeze the romance out of your relationship. Just coming up with the idea of a romantic spring break staycation will put you in a different state and give you the “excuse” to be romantic.

3 Ideas for Your Romantic Spring Break Staycation: 

1. Make each day/night a theme

Monday can be beach night, where everything you do is beach-related. You can watch a romantic comedy that takes place on the beach. You can fix tropical dishes and drinks, and when you are home alone (inside) you might dress like you are going to a beach party (for two).

2. Dress up and break out the candles

Go out on a special date, even if it is at home. Prepare a special meal and break out the candles for dinner, and maybe later for a bath. The point is make it special no matter where you are.

3. Have a party

Do you have friends or family who are staycationing as well? Get together with them for games, drinks, and lots of fun. Party like you would while on vacation at the beach.

If you are staycationing at home because you chose t0 or your circumstances wouldn’t allow for a traditional spring break vacation, be encouraged. You can still make it special and romantic. Get creative and have fun!

What is the best vacation or staycation you’ve had as a couple?

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