3 Silly Fights to Avoid When Shacking Up in a Relationship

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We hear that relationships are filled with love, appreciation, and healthy communication. No one ever tells us that it includes dirty dishes, constant snoring, and a battle over the remote control. And boy, can our significant others get on our nerves! We want to leave them in the dust, like a cowgirl from the Wild, Wild West after a battle in a saloon. Only instead of leaving behind a trail of gunpowder, we want to leave him with a house full of kids and a sink filled with dirty dishes.

But we can’t, can we? We chose this man, and his idiosyncrasies. So we learn to live together in harmony. I am here to help you do just that. Here are 3 silly fights to avoid when shacking up in a relationship.

Toilet Seat Gate
Remember the time when you sat on the toilet and fell into a pool of water? You probably screamed bloody murder. And later gave your hubby the silent treatment. This is just what men do, ladies. They forget to put the toilet seat down or just don’t do it because, well, you have hands (he said it, not me). Just accept that he will forget. And make sure to look down every time you go.

Those Dirty Dishes
I cannot stand a sink filled with dirty dishes. I can’t even cook if my sink isn’t clean. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same. How do you handle it? First, put down giant spoon. No need to hit him over the head with it. Instead, set down ground rules. Whoever cooks, doesn’t wash dishes. If this doesn’t work, let him starve!

Socks and Boots Everywhere
You trip over his boots. And then you slip on his sock. That man of yours just can’t keep his things organized. Don’t cry over spilled milk (in this case, socks). Just help him get organized. If that doesn’t work, hide all his shoes and socks. That’ll teach ‘em.

It’s all about picking your battles. And remembering the love, appreciation, and healthy communication that comes with your relationship. No one is perfect, so put down your weapon, partner.

What does your significant other do that drives you bonkers? 

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