3 Things Couples Should Do Before Their Wedding Day

things couples should do before the weddingIf you are getting married in the near future it’s likely you’ve already made your wedding day checklist. You’ve identified those must do things and slowly but surely or quickly and frantically, you’ve been checking off the various tasks in preparation for your big day. And, while the registry must be made and there is cake to be tasted there are also a few other things that you and your future spouse should do as a couple.

An article by The Huffington Post identifies several “unconventional tasks” that are often left out in the conversations with loved ones and professionals highlighting all of the things you should be doing. While the article notes that they are all things every bride should do, a few of these things apply to both the bride and the person she is marrying. Below are 3 things every couple should do before they say I do:

1. Talk about “joining finances” You might be surprised by how many couples don’t really talk about finances. Make sure you and your future spouse have an understanding as to how you two plan to handle money. Will you have separate and/or joint accounts? And in the event that you receive monetary wedding gifts where will the money go? By talking about it before the wedding it prevents a misunderstanding over money after the wedding.

2. Face your fears If you haven’t participated in any premarital counseling it is possible that you may not have taken the time to “confront” fears or concerns you have about marriage. According to the article pre-wedding anxiety is normal; however, addressing your concerns might help ease those pre-wedding jitters. No need to carry your fears with you down the aisle and into marriage.

3. Kiss Now is the time to practice what is one of the most memorable moments of the wedding ceremony the kiss. Not everything about wedding planning has to be stressful.

For 9 more things every couple should do before the big day visit The Huffington Post. Is there anything that you think couples often leave out but should consider doing before saying I do?


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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