365 Days of Marriage: Couple Documents Married Life With Freaky Amazing Photos

Most great art lives within the nuances.

Inside of every superbly written sentence or painted detail, we are often swept away by the fact that someone captured something so familiar to us so perfectly. All artists, whether they are musicians or novelists or songwriters or whatever, strive to make that special connection with the public somehow, while most of us keep returning to music and books and film to encounter that incredible feeling we feel when we connect with something so strongly.

And that’s exactly what I really love about the photography of Sarah and Thad Lawrence.

Thad and Sarah met in college. Thad was an Art major, Sarah majored in Biology. The couple graduated and began working in the public school system. They enjoyed taking photos in their spare time and managed to turn it into their own business. In 2007 they photographed their first wedding. Not their wedding. They were the professional photogs at somebody else’s wedding.

The ball was rolling. Three years later Thad quit work to pursue photography full-time, and a year after that Sarah did too.

During that time they decided to take part in a photography project that required them to take a picture together every day for a year. The results are pure art. From touchingly unpretentious photos depicting their love for each other to satirical images showcasing the frustrations experienced as part of a couple, it’s pretty tough to tear your eyes away from their Photoshop magic.

Thad and Sarah say that the project taught them more about each other than they ever could have expected.

Which, when you think about it, is the perfect definition of great art, huh?

Enjoy the brilliance.


All photos used with permission from 2&3 Photography.  You can find Thad and Sarah and more of their amazing work here.

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  • Swept Away 2 of 26
    Swept Away
    Marriage isn't all love and roses. Sometimes we wish we could just, well,...take a break from our spouse somehow.
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • Mop Head 3 of 26
    Mop Head
    What lies within our 'darkest thoughts' when we have to tackle household chores?
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • Two Drivers 4 of 26
    Two Drivers
    Marriage requires two drivers at all times. But that can be really nerve-wracking.
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • My Crab Trap Girl 5 of 26
    My Crab Trap Girl
    Some couples like to pretend that their married life is picture perfect. But Thad and Sarah show the truth...and the truth is: sometimes I wish I could use you for crab trap bait!!!
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • Relaxing 6 of 26
    Much of being married means that even when you're supposed to be relaxed, you're really not.
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • Massive Art 7 of 26
    Massive Art
    At times, Sarah and Thad's work practically eclipses damn near everything else I have seen when it comes to Photoshop brilliance.
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • My Aim is True 8 of 26
    My Aim is True
    I love the slightly sinister aura in so many of Sarah and Thad's work. Marriage is often nervy stuff, but too many people shy away from that angle.
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • In Yo Face 9 of 26
    In Yo Face
    Within a modern marriage, all stereotypes of the 1950's housewife should be extinct. Especially when your wife can school your ass in hoops with such impressive ease.
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • Are We One or Two? 10 of 26
    Are We One or Two?
    This shot is so telling and yet it still asks some powerful questions regarding married life, I think. Are we supposed to be one unified entity upon our vows? Or is trying to give up too much of your singular identity a recipe for a disastrous love affair?
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • Hold Me Tight 11 of 26
    Hold Me Tight
    It seems helpful to try and remember that even though we are adults now, married couples still need to coddle each other more than we think. The need to feel safe is a huge part of being married, and it's probably the one most people end up neglecting after a while.
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • Laughter 12 of 26
    If you cannot laugh with each other and AT each other, love will wither on the dangling vine.
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • Superiority 13 of 26
    Nothing is more dangerous than feeling like you are the superior one in a marriage. Because, basically, once you start thinking that way, you are bound to end up acting like an unwanted hungry predator.
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • You Can’t Win 14 of 26
    You Can't Win
    Is there truth to the old adage that a man cannot win an argument with his wife? This genius shot seems to go there. But is the answer clear or does it simply poke fun of the very notion of the question?
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • Stop Talking, Please! 15 of 26
    Stop Talking, Please!
    Thad and Sarah often create images that have infinite possibilities when it comes to interpretation. To me, this one says volumes about our innate inability to just shut up sometimes.
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • Re-Hatch 16 of 26
    Marriage is a never-ending adventure, really. We're constantly reinventing ourselves and getting born again...or else we just fade away.
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • Pet People 17 of 26
    Pet People
    Everyone knows that if kids come along, they are super important to any marriage. But what about our pets? Aren't they just as much a part of the whole equation?
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • I Still See You 18 of 26
    I Still See You
    In a healthy marriage, you can't hide too much too often. Nor do you really want to.
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • The Good Old Days 19 of 26
    The Good Old Days
    The Lawrences are very talented at taking certain old marriage stereotypes and exposing them as incredibly ridiculous.
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • If You Only Had a Brain 20 of 26
    If You Only Had a Brain
    Married couples often differ radically in ways that drive each other nuts. But that's just part of the deal. You can't just go out and buy him or her a new brain, now can you?
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • Love is Playful 21 of 26
    Love is Playful
    When we lose our sense of playfulness, our marriage definitely loses a bit of magic.
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • Understanding 22 of 26
    Even after years and years of marriage, we are often left flabbergasted in regards to how little we understand our husbands and wives. There isn't much you can do about it, either. Just embrace the weirdness.
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • I’ve Got You On a String 23 of 26
    I've Got You On a String
    Sometimes our partners have us on a tight leash. Maybe we need that.
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • Angel Eyes 24 of 26
    Angel Eyes
    Familiarity breeds contempt, they say. So it's good practice to try and remember how awesome the person you fell in love with really was. And still is.
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • Storms 25 of 26
    If you can weather life's storms together, and even smile about them now and then, your marriage might last a million years.
    Source: 2&3 Photography
  • True Romance 26 of 26
    True Romance
    Love will live as long as we feed it what it needs to grow. And not a damn day longer.
    Source: 2&3 Photography


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