4 Ways to Use Your Creativity When Heartbroken


A lot of good can come from heartbreak. The loss of a love — whether it’s voluntary or the relationship is stripped from your hands — can become the best thing that’s ever happened. If I hadn’t broken up with my ex, Paco, I would have continued to settle for less. I would have possibly ended up married with children in a loveless and cold relationship.

Heartbreak also helps us pinpoint what we seek in a romantic relationship. I know now that affection is important to me. I won’t compromise or settle. That’s an amazing feeling, as is the prize that came from my first major breakup — my blog-turned-book: Love Trips: A Collection of Relationship Stumbles.

I began my blog months after my first love shattered my heart. He soon led me down a path of never-ending hope. I documented every feeling, every disappointment, every detail of our sweet and torturous love affair. This heartbreak was the turning point in my career. Without Elijah, Love Trips wouldn’t have been written at that time, and I may not be the relationship writer/blogger (aka the “Latina Carrie Bradshaw”) that I am today.

So, lets give thanks to those nasty breakups. Instead of wallowing in a tub of Turkey Hill ice cream or living in our PJs, use the pain to produce something positive. Here is how to use your creativity when heartbroken.

1. Crafting Projects

The Break-Up Activity Book: Crafting Your Way Through a Broken Heart encourages women to immerse themselves in creative craft projects to help them “survive the misery, anger, and heartbreak” that accompanies a breakup. The author, Lynn Chang, offers hilarious craft projects like, “Voodoo Sock Puppets” and “Cut and Paste Revenge.” Get some girlfriends together and get to crafting!

2. Start a Blog

Take a page from my book (literally) and begin a blog about your breakup. Once you’re up to dating  again, you can continue the blog and write about your exciting and sometimes odd dating escapades. This one comes to mind. In no time you will have a following, a new hobby, and a passion — and maybe a new man and a new career!

3. Write in Your Journal

If you don’t want your business on the Interwebs, begin a journal instead. Jot down your thoughts and your emotional progress. Create poems or personal essays. Draw stick figures if you like. Just take this time to dig deep and heal with pen and paper.

4. Take Photos of Happy Days

There is a photo challenge on Instagram called “100 Days of Happiness.” (Boy, did I need this photo challenge after Paco!) All you do is take 100 photos in 100 days. The only requirement is that the photos fill you with joy. What a great way to get over a breakup and have a killer photo album to show your next man.

Tell us. How do you use creativity to heal from a breakup?


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