5 Apps To Help You Spice Up Your Love Life

Technology has brought a lot to our lives, especially when it comes to smartphones. We now have constant access not only to family and friends, but a whole network of social media, and we can stay on top of it all through the fun smartphone apps that are available. Turns out, these smartphone apps can also help you spice up your love life, if you know which tools to look for.

Let’s face it, even the newest or strongest couples can use a little help once in a while when it comes to rekindling a flame. It’s not always that you’ve lost that spark, but with other areas of life, things can take precedence and next thing you know — you’re looking for your mojo back in the bedroom.

The fun people over at Mashable decided to help you all with getting that spark back in your life — in ways that all of us technological-loving people can get on board with. They rounded up 10 smartphone apps that can help you spice up and start the flame back in your relationship. Everything from new positions to ways to help you get to know each other better and I’ve listed my 5 favorites from their picks that sound interesting to me.

1) A Sexy Text: This app helps you create sexy text messages, pictures included, to send to your lover. If you’re uncomfortable or not quite in the groove yet to create them all on your own, this app helps you out. You can filter it for more romantic or more risque and cater to which gender you’re sending it to.

2) Spice Dice: If you’ve ever seen the bachelor party store’s popular dice game that couples play to try fun new positions and acts, this app is basically the same thing minus the easy-to-lose pieces. Made by condom brand Durex, this game puts those dice into your smartphone for easy and fun playing.

3) Sex Drive: This app is a little out there, but sometimes when you need help, you’re willing to try anything. This app uses Binaural beats or tones that are supposed to help stimulate your sex drive using responses in your brain.

4) Truth or Dare: If you’re not good at making up the truths or dares in the commonly-known game, this app does all the work for you — aside from following through with the truth or dare. You can choose a category and a list of different types of dares and start the night off right.

5) iKamasutra Lite: If you’ve always wondered what the Kamasutra was all about, this app gives you a good idea of all the different ways you can spice up your love life. There are 9 different categories with explanations and levels of difficulty for you to choose from.

Check out 5 more apps on Mashable’s 10 Apps to Spice Up Your Sex Life

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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